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Final PGCE (FE) observation. Please help

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by cys2017, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. cys2017

    cys2017 Occasional commenter

    Hi guys
    I have a observation soon teaching Functional skills level 2 maths. This is my last one before I qualify.
    I'm not really that confident with teaching maths and have never been observed teaching maths before. Has anyone got any suggestions on any topics that are easier to break down and explain to students?
  2. gogogulliver

    gogogulliver New commenter

    Show an awareness of their targets, link the work to exams and real life and make sure there is a range of activities.

    What topic will you be covering?
  3. saluki

    saluki Lead commenter

    Try to link it to their vocational area e.g construction workers measuring pipes or hairdressers measuring quantities of hair colouring. Costing a job, travel times to and from work. There are plenty of resources on skillsworkshop.
    Try to get them working in groups. Some sort of poster work or colouring in usually goes down well.
    Good Grief! I am actually feeling enthusiastic about FS Maths!!:oops::D
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  4. SammyBear2016

    SammyBear2016 Occasional commenter

    I have taught functional skills maths before and on our last lesson i always did a big quiz broken down into sections for teams and individuals and gave students sweets for correct answers. The students really enjoyed it. The only negative i had about it was from an observer who said that i should have promoted being healthy and offered fruit as opposed to sweets to which i responded with laughter. I did always check that students did not have any special dietary requirements and on the couple of occasions they did i made sure i have sweets suitable for them.
  5. yodaami2

    yodaami2 Lead commenter

    Well I don’t have an answer for this but, colouring in and sweets at FE level leaves me to despair somewhat.
  6. SammyBear2016

    SammyBear2016 Occasional commenter

    I would add that i did not do this for any other subject but unfortunately the students that i had for FS maths had all had bad experiences of the subject in school and i found that it worked as a good motivator for them. I understand that it is not appropriate for all students and/or subjects but if it made a subject that many not only find difficult but also do not see the importance of (and yes it was explained and linked to their specific subject) more enjoyable for the students and they learnt then i do not see a problem with it.
  7. cys2017

    cys2017 Occasional commenter

    I'm planning on doing it on area and perimeter. Have you got any ideas on how I could link it to a real life situation?
    Thanks xx
  8. SammyBear2016

    SammyBear2016 Occasional commenter

    I'm assuming these students students are doing the maths in addition to another qualification, if so what other subject are they studying?
    cys2017 likes this.
  9. saluki

    saluki Lead commenter





    Good Grief. I need to get a life.
    I always give sweets to my FE students. It builds rapport. Many FS students only have the educational attainment of a 10-12 year old. They are often emotionally immature too. What big kid doesn't like sweets? I buy vegan ones for vegan students - hey differentiation! Shows that I know my students as individuals. You know you've cracked it when they start buying sweets for you. If you do the bingo activity you can award sweets as prizes. They love a competition.
    BioEm and cys2017 like this.
  10. cys2017

    cys2017 Occasional commenter

    they want to go into hairdressing or retail, construction/building etc
  11. cys2017

    cys2017 Occasional commenter

    Thanks, yeah sweets are a good idea but I guess it could come up about promoting healthy eating etc.

    Thanks for the links to skills workshop. Who uploads these on this site is it only certain people or can anyone? like is it like TES?
  12. SammyBear2016

    SammyBear2016 Occasional commenter

    You could do something on designing a retail space, the students could choose what it is for so you could use it for all students.

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