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Final Call for Help with my Masters Dissertation.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by hjc87, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. My name is Hazel Colbe, I started a few posts back in June regarding
    my dissertation project. I am posting this as new topic as a FINAL chance to
    get participants.

    My study is on Creative Teachers, I am investigating whether a teachers’
    inherent creative levels effect their perceptions of creativity and their
    teaching characteristics.

    I need to get 300 participants by the 22rd July and so far only have
    100 therefore I am asking you all to help me out.

    There are two questionnaires and at the end of taking the second one you
    will receive a FREE creative profile, which has a retail value of £50.

    All I ask of you is to click on the link below and take part.

    There were some issues before about giving name and email address, I
    have changed this so that you are only required to give you initial and surname
    and email address. These details are important ONLY for myself to link your
    responses to the two questionnaires together and will be removed once this
    done. If you still aren’t happy you can use an alias name just please be
    inventive as if I have 3 John Smiths I will not be able to match them together.


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