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Films about War

Discussion in 'English' started by noakes_m, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Hello all,
    I'm putting together a SOW for the AQA "Spoken Language" unit about "Language in the Workplace"--focusing on that used in the military. I figure it links in well with Remembrance Day, and hopefully helps the more Call-of-Duty-obsessed kids interested.
    Can anyone recommend good War Films / Films about War that are still appropriate for showing in the classroom? (Full Metal Jacket is probably pushing acceptable boundaries, I'm thinking....) Especially films that have scenes like the one in Good Morning Vietnam, the one with all the acronyms thrown around.
  2. Does it need to be modern? i think a 1940s or 50s war film (something like The Dam Busters, perhaps) would give you an interesting contrast in spoken language, how pilots might speak to each other in casual situations and on the ground, and how they speak differently while on a raid. Going for an older film might get round the rating problem as well! There is another older film that stars John Mills that has that element of formal/working language, but also has some amusing language barrier stuff with British and American troops misunderstanding each other's slang.Its called The Way To The Stars (having jsut looked it up on IMDB!!)
    The IMDB suggests that Good Morning Vietnam is a 15 in the UK, but bizarrely is a PG in New Zealand and a U in France...make of that what you will.
  3. Just used Greene's "The Quiet American" in film and original novel form in class with my two GCSE groups. Goes well with a documentary about Vietnam and other magazine articles on the Cu Chi tunnels we have collected. Quite good for Gen Studies on (Neo)Colonialism. I have the email address of a very friendly guide over in Vietnam who is willing to answer students' questions about the movie/period/area/war/people. Get in touch if you need links.
  4. Galipoli (sp?) is good and is a PG. It depends a bit on what kind of war film you're after.

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