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Film Studies Trainee Teacher - Advice on Learning Activities

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by FilmGeek, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Hello All,

    I am currently in my first year of the DTLLS course and my subject specialism is Film Studies. As part of my course we have been asked to liaise with other teachers in order to share best practice. I had a look at some of the discussions on these forums and found many to be useful, so I thought I would join.

    I have been completing my placement at a 6th Form College and it has been a great learning experience. During one of my lessons I was observed by my tutor who noticed much of my lesson was a lecture style format and said that I need to incorporate more active learning tasks such as peer/self assessment etc. I have since taken another class and tried to include different activities such as pairing tasks where pupils identify films and the years they were made to create a history for the horror genre.

    I am currently reading about different types of learning methods and various tasks I could use as I feel this is my weak point when teaching. SO I was wondering if anyone had any useful or effective teaching methods or any tasks that they have found interesting in your teaching experiences???

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated and I will certainly try to share any thoughts and ideas with others as I begin to gain more experience myself.

    Thanks for your time,
    Christine :)
  2. Hello Liz,

    Thank you so much for your response. I imagine that it is really interesting teaching a variety of subjects that are all very creative! I would like to expand my specialisms to include Drama at some point as well as Film Studies as I previously completed a degree in Performing Arts and love it as much as film.

    Thanks so much for your ideas and it has been a great help, I wish I had gotten on here sooner as I could have used your example in a lesson I had last week :) I have been observing at my placement and that is where I seem to gain most of my experience and I have also began to teach at my placement. This has been a great source of help as the more hands on experience I get then the better.

    The idea you gave me is great and I can use this again as I had some difficulty during a class last week. Basically we have just began to look at the FM2 section in Film Studies and my placement mentor gave me the opportunity to take these lessons. I did a power point presentation and asked him to check this to make sure it was all okay. My mentor said that the only thing missing was that I needed to add in slides at the beginning to introduce the new topic, explain what is required in the exam, show previous exam questions and also what the WJEC responses were from the previous years exams.

    This was fine however he said that I should get the pupils to write this all down, rather than give them a handout or put it onto our BlackBoard system. He said the reason he wanted me to do it this way was because it would help them to retain the information and that if I used a handout or put it on blackboard then only the stronger pupils would read this and also if I used a handout, some pupils may not turn up to class - thinking they can rely on handouts. I completely understand all of the reasons for doing this, however I knew it would be a challenge getting a large group to simply copy this down as they would probably lose focus first thing in the morning, writing down a lot of information. I did use the time to also go into details about the requirements for the exam and what we would be looking at to make it more interesting.

    However, what would have been great is using the example you gave me as then I could have made this into an active task, rather than just copying the information down. I think that this would have worked much better as I think that taking the notes down doesn't mean that it will sink in with every pupil. Whereas if I had used your idea I could have also checked for their learning and made sure that they understood the unit we are looking at and what is required of them and it would have been much more fun!!

    Thank you again for your help and I hope to be in touch again soon as I really think that these forums are a great source of help and I know it will help me to develop. If you or your colleagues have any other ideas or suggestions, anything would be of help to me.
    Take care for now,
    Christine :)
  3. Hi Liz

    More generally I have noticed that when I type out my responses on here I do it in paragraphs - however when I post it, it comes out as a long screed of writing! Is there any way to change this do you know? And my apologies for the reply being one long piece of writing!!
    Enjoy your weekend,
    Film Geek :)
  4. lizgaskell

    lizgaskell Occasional commenter


    Don't worry about paragraphs. Some programmes have this effect but most people on here will not mind.

  5. I suppose it all comes down to time, student ability and topic. A quick starter activity - odd one out was a great suggestion. Basically, something to get them into the zone, and for you to get the register done. Then, a brief outline of the lesson and then imagine you are presenting a series of puzzles or enigmas that need to be solved by the class - a series of group, individual or whole class activities allowing you to assess them better. Try to not be leading from the front all lesson (lecture style) - set the work and allow them to get on with it, keeping clear time limits that they can follow. Imagine a topic as a jigsaw puzzle that when all parts (or activities) are completed then it should mean the jigsaw is completed. How you get the puzzle done is down to you and how well you and the students interact. And, I do understand the lecture bit, like most/all of us we've been there - hoping the information will get out to the recipients in the time allowed!

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