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Fictional characters you're supposed to like, but don't

Discussion in 'Book club' started by peggylu, May 13, 2016.

  1. sparkleghirl

    sparkleghirl Star commenter

    Yes, they could be a parable really. D'Urbeville reformed in a way. What you see isn't always what you get.
    peggylu and InkyP like this.
  2. Flere-Imsaho

    Flere-Imsaho Star commenter

    Spineless numpty.
    Mind you, Tess is no better.
    peggylu, InkyP and Spiritwalkerness like this.
  3. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    Ashley Wilkes-should have been drowned at birth!
  4. Spiritwalkerness

    Spiritwalkerness Star commenter

    My mother refused to call Number One Son by this name for months - she used his middle name - as she could only think of Mr Wilkes
    peggylu and CarrieV like this.
  5. peggylu

    peggylu Star commenter

    Marianne Dashwood. Her modern day equivalent would be an emo, angsty teen girl who 'nobody understands' and ends up leaving school halfway through Y11 pregnant.
  6. rustyfeathers

    rustyfeathers Occasional commenter

    I always thought Cathy and Heathcliff were MEANT to be thoroughly unlikeable, and that Bronte's novel was intentionally scathing and cynical.

    Ditto Romeo and Juliet, to be fair. The fact Shakespeare chose to write them as younger than the source story is telling, and to me, it's always been a tragedy because of how damned unnecessary it was. Romeo deserves a damn good slap.

    Snape bothers me intensely; or rather, people arguing he's "redeemed" by his actions. He's foul and thoroughly abusive. If ever I heard that a student's worst fear was one of their teachers (especially given how much Neville is anxious about), well... alarm bells!
    akz and peggylu like this.
  7. akz

    akz New commenter

    All the characters are awful in Wuthering Heights but I think that may have been her point. Their selfish and self obsessed passions destroyed everyone and everything around them. People who have not read the book decided it was 'well romantic'. However Hareton and Cathy Mark 2 turn out ok in the end.
    peggylu likes this.
  8. peggylu

    peggylu Star commenter

    I agree with this completely, it's a very intense cautionary tale.
  9. MonstieBags

    MonstieBags Occasional commenter

    Inspector Linley
    peggylu likes this.
  10. MonstieBags

    MonstieBags Occasional commenter

    Bear in the Susannah Howatch books
    peggylu likes this.
  11. MonstieBags

    MonstieBags Occasional commenter

    And the mother in that book about Kevin - the one they have to talk about. Read that and was completely convinced that the mother had warped the poor lad.
    peggylu likes this.
  12. peggylu

    peggylu Star commenter

    I haven't read these. May I ask why you dislike like the character? Are they worth a read anyway?
  13. peggylu

    peggylu Star commenter

  14. peggylu

    peggylu Star commenter

    Not read any of these either. Would you recommend them?
  15. CaptainTuttle

    CaptainTuttle New commenter

    Romeo and Juliet and Professor Dumbledore
  16. rustyfeathers

    rustyfeathers Occasional commenter

    Oh god, yes - Dumbledore is AWFUL
  17. Urbanfaerie

    Urbanfaerie Occasional commenter

    Characters such as Frodo, Daenarys etc - they are supposedly such amazing characters but they spend most of the time feeling sorry for themselves whilst everyone around them does the hard work.

    Characters such as Jack in '24', James Bond etc - Apparently breaking the law, being horrible (sometimes torturing or even killing people) and nobody minds them being this way because they're 'the good guy'
    peggylu likes this.

    SEBREGIS Lead commenter

    Harry Potter. My word, how I hate Harry Potter. He's such a special little snowflake, although he's not that bright, doesn't actually do much magic, and only seems to survive because he's the main character in the book.
  19. peggylu

    peggylu Star commenter

    Agree with @SEBREGIS about irritating Potty Harry but what's wrong with Dumbledore. He's a loveable favourite uncle type surely. :eek:
  20. peggylu

    peggylu Star commenter

    But @Urbanfaerie ,Frodo did have the burden of The Ring to deal with!

    Totally agree with you about James Bond types though.

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