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FFTD and Performing Arts

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by hopper75, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Just wondered if people would share how they use FFT in their school? We have a PA curriculum at KS3, with pupils spending one term on music, drama and dance in rotation. Although we combine the disciplines at KS4 (AQA PA course) we teach and assess them separately at KS3.
    THis means that across the year, on paper, their grades can go up and down, and for some there can be a big difference as they may well be very able in dance, but not very experienced in music for example. This can be confusing for parents (and some of our SLT) who are looking to track pupil progress across a year.
    If you have a similar set-up to ours - do you combine the grades for the disciplines they have studied so far as you go through the year (this has been suggested, but I'm really reluctant to do this as I don't think it gives a true picture of their progress/attainment) or do you have another system?
    Also, when it comes to submitting data at the end of KS3 data, do other schools submit a combined PA level or just a level for Music (with it being the only Foundation subject of the 3)?
    I would be really grateful if anyone could leave some information as I would really to be able to build a picture of how other schools do this to compare and see what works.
    Thanks very much.

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