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FFT. SIMS and other sins.....

Discussion in 'English' started by english.teacher, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. english.teacher

    english.teacher New commenter


    I just don't get it!!! We're supposed to enter grades into SIMS to show a 'current working grade, but the controlled assessments are NOT graded - they are banded with only a rough estimation of corresponding 'grade' which we're not supposed to talk about.

    Now SLT are shouting down the line 'why aren't the students showing progress' but we're loathe to enter grades when what they've done hasn't really 'fit'.
    What are we doing wrong? How are other departments 'reporting'?
    We've also been told that our students aren't showing enough progress because apparently students who are low level 6 by the end of key stage 3 should be a B... and why aren't they are B... but surely their FFT target is for the END of year 11...
    What are your departments doing about this? Or am I totally wrong?
  2. At our school, the Ass Head has broken the band marks down into the relevant grades and has told us that we must grade each piece of work.
  3. We'e using CA marks as an indicator of progress for Tracking and Monitoring. Not sure which board you're with but the UMS grades for WJEC are 60% = C, 70% = B etc so we're using those boundaries to work out notional grades
  4. gruoch

    gruoch Occasional commenter

    We're switching to WJEC next year, so will be able to put in grade equivalents. It's a nightmare for AQA, though.
  5. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead New commenter

    We're going with gut feeling! Even SHOWING SLT that there are no notional grades doesn't seem to permeate their thick skulls... bottom sets get it, so why can't they?

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