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Fertility books

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by xshellbellex, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    Any of you found some good books on fertility and fertility treatments.
    Been ttc conceive for 7 months with no joy so wanted to read up to see what I can do to help and to see what fertility treatment routes are available
  2. Hi Shellbelle,
    I bought Zita West 'Plan to Get Pregnant' which is a chapter by chapter plan of all the things you could/should be doing to get pregnant - it has a little questionnaire at the end of each chapter where depending on how you answer the question tells you whether you need to seek further help/advice. A good start for working out whether there might be something causing issues with TTC that maybe you hadn't thought of.
    I also have the Zita West 'Guide to Fertility Treatments and Assisted Conception' - useful if you know there is a particular problem so you can read the specific chapters about the treatment options.
    Another one I have is 'A Child Against All Odds' by Robert Winston - really interesting and makes you realise what a miracle it is that anyone gets pregnant! The science is amazing! :) (Can be found pretty cheap in The Works at the moment - I wasn't even looking for fertility books but it was a bargain).
    I don't know your history, but I would recommend seeing your GP now that you've been trying over 6 months - the worst he/she can do is tell you to carry on as you are. We went to see our GP quite soon into TTC and found that my OH has a very low sperm count and we will probably only conceive through ICSI - I'm really glad we were proactive and got it sorted because it's been 4 months since the initial check with the GP to get an appointment at the fertility clinic (2 weeks til we see someone and counting...)
    Hope that helps - if you're anything like me, 7 months will feel like it's been a lifetime of trying (hence the wide range of fertility books I've bought in recent months) [​IMG]!! xx
  3. We'd been trying a similar length of time and I read and tried the stuff in this book.
    http://www.thefertilityplan.com/ It's really gentle and helped me to understand what was happening with my cycles and body.
    I got pregnant next cycle after implementing changes, miscarried, got pregnant again the next cycle after MC and now have a 5 month old blowing raspberries at me...
  4. Also a huge fan of TCOYF... I found it fascinating... think this should be compulsory reading for all girls, far more useful than anything we ever learnt in biology at school!
  5. Most definitely. May avoid a few unwanted pregnancies!
  6. I bought this one too. After 6months of trying we too went to the GP and said that we had been ttc for 1yr (naughty I know but certainly wasn't going to wait for the full 12months for the tests to start...). I also bought some OV sticks from accessdiagnostics.co.uk and conceived within 2months. I worked out that we had been dtd at the wrong time and that I OV'ed quite late on and we'd stopped trying by then ;-)
    Good Luck xx
  7. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    Main message I took from it is that I'm too old anyway as she tells you to have your babies before 35. Think it would be very useful for younger women though.
    I think if you've got fertility problems I'd go with Zita West's books. Certainly if you're facing IVF or other fertility treatment.
  8. Ahhh, cr.ap! I've just bought this, and waiting for it to arrive! I'm 36...just! Back to the drawing board.....
  9. This book will still be really useful. The methods used to track your fertility are no different whatever age you are. We had difficulty conceiving 1st time and were under a consultant due to PCOS. This time I fell pregnant the first cycle of using TCOYF and this was despite only being able to use one of the tracking methods (cervical position).

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