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Female scripts

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by resources4drama, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Which Unit / which board / which exam?
  2. jorb

    jorb New commenter

    Edexcel, Unit 3
  3. Sweet FA published by Schoolplayproductions.co.uk and can be viewed online before committing to it.

    Aklso Hard To Swallow can be adapted published by dbda.co.uk who have a shop search by title there not author.

  4. How can you find anything until the theme is released - which will be next week?
    Unless Mark has been given a tip off.....[​IMG]
  5. Lol... no tip offs... I challenge anyone to find a play that couldn't somehow operate within the theme that was set by Edexcel. Perhaps this year will be different...
  6. I don't teach Edexcel but when I did the themes were pretty vague. So I am just going to offer a list of plays that I think could work. Teechers, My Mother Said I Never Should, Be My Baby, Excerpts from Liar by Gregory Burke. I'd split them into two smaller groups though.

    Good luck.
  7. You can't split a 5 - minimum group size is 3.
    There's only ever been one - this summer's.

  8. Oh, I thought there was a theme in 2009/2010? I dimly recall it being something about loss? Then the spec gave ideas about how different things could be related to it (including The Importance of Being Earnest being linked to the loss of a handbag!) Apologies if I am talking rubbish.
    Regarding the group size, I read it as 5/6 girls. So was thinking of two lots of 3. I was only trying to offer some suggestions that have worked with my small girls' classes. Sorry if it wasn't very helpful or if I have got the wrong end of the stick.
  9. It was an example of what future themes might be when new specifications were issued.
    The first theme ("Change/s") was set in October 2010 for examination in summer 2011.
    The theme for next summer's performances will be set next Monday (October 31).
    I would also never split a group of 6 into two threes if your total group size is 6. If one leaves, you're stuffed.
  10. have taught and done Be My Baby for both unit 2 and unit 3. Really 5 major roles + 1. Very editable though!

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