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Fellow English teachers - which Cambridge IGCSE Online training is best for me?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by xjillwilsonx, Dec 22, 2018.

  1. xjillwilsonx

    xjillwilsonx New commenter

    Hello all!

    I am applying for several international school positions in Dubai and HK to teach Secondary English. Most jobs are, of course, ENC or IB. I come from Scotland and was planning on doing one of the Cambridge IGCSE Online training courses to boost my CV and prepare for work abroad.

    I can see the following courses:

    Cambridge IGCSE English Literature (0486) - Training | Online
    Cambridge International AS and A Level English Language (9093) - Training | Online
    Cambridge IGCSE First Language English (0500) - Training | Online
    Cambridge International AS and A Level English Literature (9695) - Training | Online
    Cambridge IGCSE English Literature (0475) - Training | Online

    I really want to choose one that will give me the best head start (and don't fancy wasting £150!).

    Can anyone help me pick the one that's likely to be the most useful in my job-hunting, and hopefully, future teaching? If anyone has any advice/tips in how best to start transferring skills and experience from the Scottish curriculum to the English, I'd be most grateful!

    Thanks in advance.
  2. jarndyce

    jarndyce Occasional commenter

    My personal advice would be to wait until you’re appointed - and then get the school to pay for your training.

    The most useful would be CIE 0500 (IGCSE First Language English).

    Bear in mind that, despite CIE’s extensive marketing (much of which piggybacks upon the Cambridge University brand name) it is not the only IGCSE exam board for English. We do Edexcel IGCSE, which I find a far superior course.
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  3. rachelsays

    rachelsays New commenter

    Don't do any of them. They're utterly useless. I've done two (at my school's expense) and they seem to be aimed at teachers working in internationally owned and managed schools where any type of structured teaching/exam prep is a novelty. For example, whole weeks are devoted to 'how to plan a lesson', 'how to plan a scheme of work', etc - basic PGCE stuff. The focus is not at all on the course content or how to help students succeed at meeting the specific demands of the papers you're taking, which is what I wanted after having switched from teaching GCSE to iGCSE when joining a new school.

    Also, as Jarndyce says, you don't know what exam board your school will teach, and so taking a course with Cambridge may well be a waste of time if schools you interview at don't use them. I'd definitely wait to be offered a job. Just show willingness in your applications to be trained and they'll sort you out when you get there.

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