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Feeling very down

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by sjwalks, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Im a young trainee Science teacher and i am on my last placement with 8 weeks to go.
    My first placement was fantastic, i loved the school. The behaviour was bad, but i got on really well with my classes and their progression was incredibly rewarding. I loved every minute of the teaching and was always looking forward to the next day and the next lesson. I didnt mind lesson planning and marking books for hours because i genuinely knew that it was for the good of my kids and i cared about every single one of them. Not to mention, i had a fantastic mentor and couldnt ask for anything better.
    Unfortunately i dont feel the same about this one. Behaviour is better but the kids are just not as nice. They are so chatty and i feel like i have no authority at all. I have only been teaching my classes for about 3 weeks, but i havent gelled with any of them yet. I know its still early days, but in my last school, i warmed to most of them straight away and if i hadn't, i was eager to implement ways in which i could.
    Overall i just have negative feelings for this school. I spend hours planning lessons that i think they will enjoy, only to come out of each lesson thinking, whats the point? Its making me reconsider teaching and i have completely lost my spark and desire to teach. These last 8 weeks feel impossible and i dread going into school and teaching my lessons because i dont feel like i am a good teacher any more. My mentor is once again fantastic and supportive, but i cant help feeling that he maybe has too much input in my lessons. He will make them be quiet and go through the disciplinary route, and its almost as though now they wait for his instructions instead of mine. Im sure he has my best interests at heart but i feel that it might be contributing to the fact that i feel like i have a lack of authority.
    Im considering deferring until next term, or choosing a completely different career route. But then i think, well maybe its just the school and its just unfortunate ive been placed there. I really dont know what to do for the best. Any help would be excellent
  2. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    I can't help other than to say "it's like this for a very large number of PGCE students".
    It was certainly like that for me.
    Honestly, is he bothered? If he's OK about this, then don't sweat it.. The kids are playing you up because they see it as a big game and they simply will not take you seriously as they know you'll be gone before anything serious happens to them. You mentor knows this too and if he's OK about what he's doing, then fine. Talk to him about this though - if he wants you to take more of a lead with the sanctions, etc., then do it.
    And count the days. It will be over soon - and then suddenly you'll find you've qualified!
  3. Cosmic_Rainbow

    Cosmic_Rainbow New commenter

    dw ur not alone, i loved every minute of my first placement and now have lost all of my confidence on my second placement.

    perhaps we could count the days down together?? i have 21, how about you?

  4. I would stop this straight away. The best way to gain a positive relationship with your students is to show a sense of ownership within the classroom, you almost have to show them that you are pack leader.
    Your mentor needs to step back and allow you to demonstrate that you are perfectly capable. Are you in a position to be in the classroom alone? I teach alone and this gives the message that I am fully in charge. I am not saying that some intervention is always wrong. Try it alone for a few lessons and then if the behaviour persists ask the HoD to come in and have a word with them from a department's perspective on behaviour, pointing out that the dept doesnt tolerate these actions. Tis has worked for me with a particularly tricky set of y10's and also last placement with a y9 form from hell.
    Just hang in there. My second placement is going well but isnt half as good as my first one. This just shows you the importance of finding the right school. Im currently at a school where the kids just arent for me, so I have got myself a job at a school next year full of cheeky little monkeys who i thrive on.
    Good luck and keep your head up.

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