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feeling sick for a week

Discussion in 'Personal' started by missh27, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Last monday I started with stomach ache and feeling sick (not been sick though)
    I assumed it was a stomach bug, but i have generally felt better after a few days,
    still a week later, i am still feeling really sick, can stomach bug's last that long?

    Miss H
  2. Preggers.

  3. on contraception
  4. So was I.
  5. what were u on?
  6. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    I'm so glad you said it before me [​IMG]
  7. Aside from that (sorrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee) - a really bad stomach bug <u>can</u> last a couple of weeks. I was written off sick for 3 weeks for a really ugly one.
    But you would know - feeling a bit sick is not enough.

  8. Totally typical symptoms [​IMG]
  9. Twas my thought too
  10. Get a test done, sweetie pie.
    I would almost bet my bottom dollar that you are pregnant.
    Trust us [​IMG]
  11. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    Instead of asking this (sorry I sound harsh), you ought to be asking yourself when your period is due and therefore do you need a pregnancy test.
    Having said that, I have to agree with CQ, a stomach bug can last for a week but you haven't been sick though, have you?
    Take care x
  12. the contraception I'm on means i'm not getting periods (haven't for the two years I've been on this contraception)
  13. That does not mean you cannot get pregnant.
    I am at an age where I rarely get periods - I can still get pregnant.
  14. And now stop wondering and panicing - go and get a pregnancy test done.
    EVERYONE here who was once pregnant has recognised the symptoms.

  15. was just clarifying to the previous poster

    will pick a test up after school tomorrow
  16. [​IMG]
    Stop fretting xxxx
  17. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    I only mentioned it because you'd know straight away if you were late :)
    Better to know as soon as you can one way or another.
  18. yes, i get that, you had no idea (obv)

    thanks for the advice

    Miss h
  19. Don't look at me! She's not even on my list of TESladies to impregnate this year.

    cyolba, trivialising as usual :)
  20. If it were me I would be heading down the chemist/supermarket right now!
    Just because you are on contraception doesn't mean you are babyproof. Someone has to be part of the 1%! Any number of things can reduce the reliability of your contraception.
    If you aren't pregnant then it could be stress related. As soon as I get stressed I get such bad acid reflux and stomach problems that I feel sick every morning (and am sick if I eat or drink!)

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