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Feeling SERIOUSLY undervalued...

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by beejow, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. I joined a new school in September, taking on class teacher / SENco role plus 'senior teacher' - the school has only 70 children so there's no deputy / assisstant head role, but I do lots of deputy type jobs - in charge when the head is out, supporting other teachers, providing INSET, input into SEF, running staff meetings, sharing ideas / resources etc. I am on UPS 1 and do not get a TLR or any other payment. When I started I knew that I was not going to get a TLR, but I was told I would be able to go onto UPS 2 this year. However what I didn't know was that...
    a) ...there would be a high expectation on me in the 'senior teacher' role - when I was asked to do it, it was in the form of 'oh we just need a named second in command in case the head is out' not 'oh you'll be doing everything expected of a deputy but with no pay / official job title'
    b) ...the school is scarily likely to go into a category at OFSTED - it is quite old fashioned and laid back - until this year no APP, no AfL, no guided reading, no targeted teaching, no interventions - so I have had to work VERY hard in my class teacher role as the majority of my class made no progress last year
    c) ...the head is new in role this year, and has leant on me quite a lot for my ideas / resources as I have had recent experience of working in a school that did do APP, book and planning scrutinies, interventions, targeted teaching etc etc and also had an OFSTED in July.
    d) ...the SENco role has expanded due to large numbers of children continuing to make little or no progress - the number of children on the register is double what it was in September
    The thing is, that I really like my job and relish new challenges - I'm NOT complaining about my workload - but I have now been told by my head that to get UPS 2 I need to supply a list of things I do this year over and above my class teacher role, as I am new to the school. When I checked on the NUT website, it said that I don't have to apply / provide evidence... and also he KNOWS what I do! He asks me to do it!!
    So, (finally getting to the point!) am I right to feel undervalued / underpaid / hard done by?
  2. banjouk

    banjouk Occasional commenter

    I think the term 'senior teacher' was phased out in favour of the title assistant head when management points morphed into TLR’s. Looking at the role, you should somewhere be on the leadership scale. I believe only a deputy head is contractually obliged to stand in for the head in their absence, and assistant heads and staff below this grade are entitled to refuse.
  3. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    it wasn't phased out, banjouk, we had one a couple of years ago and one of our partner schools has one.
  4. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    It hasn't been phased out, I'm one too ( at least, it says so on my badge!)
    I have a similar role to the OP but in a larger school-we have 100 children, but at least I get a TLR for it ( although technically my TLR is because I'm Numeracy co-ordinator, all the other roles are just thrown in for free!)
  5. Beejow, I work in an even smaller school than you, I am part time and not even on UPS yet - I have been left in charge more than once (most experienced member of staff in school), provide INSET linked to my subject leadership role, support other staff and input into the SEF. This is all quite normal in a small school.....
    APP, AfL and guided reading are not essential parts of the national curriculum, and their absence doesn't necessarily equate with being placed in an OFSTED category - I woud imagine that the school had developed its own ways of undertaking assessment, and the teaching of reading.
    I don't know what experience you have had of small schools before, but what you have described sounds like several small schools in my area - yes, you are underpaid, and overworked.... but that's what small school life is like... there just isn't the budget to pay everyone what they would get in a larger school (for example, my HT isn't much better paid than most UPS3 teachers.)

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