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Feeling ripped off - Help!

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by pinkem, Aug 22, 2011.

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    Hi all.

    Today I had a conversation with my HR
    manager about my current contract and pay scale... it is a little bit
    complicated but I will give you the background.

    Two years ago my manager left to go on
    maternity, I became the acting Programme Manager, after one year the existing
    Programme Manager decided not to come back and I remained the acting manager
    for a further year.

    A position has become available for Head of
    School so I phoned HR to discuss current contract/salary etc... During this
    conversation I brought up the fact that I had not had a salary increment last
    year. She explained to me that as
    an acting manager I was expected to apply for the increment and it would not
    happen automatically as it states in my contract (I have never had an Acting
    Managers contract so still have a lecturers contract which was re-signed at the
    beginning of last academic year due to a merger)

    She then went on to tell me the increments
    I would have had if I had stayed a lecturer.

    Without going into detailed figures - Two
    years ago I was offered £5000 pa above my lecturers salary to do the managers
    role, because of the automatic increments to my current lecturers salary
    (should I revert) my Acting Managers salary is now only £2000 pa over my
    lecturers salary. This feels
    unfair to me? Particularly as I
    still have two tutor groups and have responsibility as a course leader for two
    courses. (Effectively two jobs!)

    When I accepted the position of Acting
    Manager I was just sent a letter that stated my salary would change but all
    other parts of contract would not.
    I have never been sent any information regarding the manager pay scales
    and feel that I have not been sent the relevant information so that I was able
    to make an application for a pay increment.

    My concern is that HR is using the internal
    position as leverage to put me off making a complaint. They admit I wasn’t sent any
    information but I feel that I am within my rights to be back paid the increment
    for last year.

    To put things into perspective I work long
    hours and bring a lot of business and press to the college – my voc grades are
    40% above national average and I have 100% success rates. I work very hard and I am loyal to the
    college but I feel they are taking advantage of me.

    It’s complicated! What should I do?
  2. Get union advice (or an employment solicitor). It really does sound complicated but I'm afraid that my experience with FE HR departments is that they'll ride roughshod over anyone if they can get away with it.
    Sounds awful for you [​IMG]
  3. Andy_91

    Andy_91 New commenter

    Regrettably, I think there's too much internal complication here to win. Like poemelectronique, I would be worried you might have your card marked. I don't see how you could get further without by-passing the HR dept which is probably unwise.
    I would put it down to experience. Something similar happened to me with an acting role once. I left it at the time, and stood down (willingly) when a permanent appointment was made. Later on when I was asked (and was needed) to take the same acting role, I only agreed to start when I had aa improved salary uplift and a signed updated contract in place.
    Try to let it go, and start looking for another job?
    And never do anything in future until you have a new written contract.

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