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Feeling ripped off - help!

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by pinkem, Aug 22, 2011.

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    Hi all.

    Today I had a conversation with my HR
    manager about my current contract and pay scale... it is a little bit
    complicated but I will try to give you the background.

    Two years ago my manager left to go on maternity and I became the Acting Programme Manager, after one year the existing Programme Manager
    decided not to come back and I remain as the Acting Manager.

    A position has become available for Head of
    School so I phoned HR to discuss current contract/salary etc... During this
    conversation I brought up the fact that I had not had a salary increment last
    year. She explained to me that as
    an acting manager I was expected to apply for the increment and it would not
    happen automatically as it states in my contract (I have never had an Acting
    Managers contract so still have a lecturers contract which was re-signed at the
    beginning of last academic year due to a merger)

    She then went on to tell me the increments
    I would have received if I had stayed a lecturer.

    Without going into detailed figures - Two
    years ago I was offered £5000 pa above my lecturers salary to do the managers
    role, because of the automatic increments to my current lecturers salary
    (should I revert) my Acting Managers salary is now only £2000 pa over my
    lecturers salary. This feels
    unfair to me? Particularly as I
    still have two tutor groups and have responsibility as a course leader for two
    courses. (Effectively two jobs!)

    By next year my salary will only be £300 pa over what I would have received as a lecturer!

    When I accepted the position of Acting
    Manager I was just sent a letter that stated my salary would change but all other
    parts of contract would not. I
    have never been sent any information regarding the manager pay scales and feel
    that I have not been sent the relevant information so that I was able to make
    an application for a pay increment.

    My concern is that HR is using the internal
    position as leverage to put me off making a complaint. They admit I wasn’t sent any
    information but say keep tlking about the "new landscape" ?? I feel that I am within my rights to be back paid the increment
    for last year.

    To put things into perspective I work long
    hours and bring a lot of business and press to the college – my voc grades are
    40% above national average and I have 100% success rates. I work very hard and I am loyal to the
    college but I feel they are taking advantage of me.

    It’s complicated! What should I do?
    Thank you for your help!

  2. Morninglover

    Morninglover Lead commenter

    Speak to your Union ASAP, I suggest.

    And don't give too much away on a public forum....
  3. Thankyou

    Do you think above is too much detail?

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