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Feeling pressured, why don't SLT understand!

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by bigpedro, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    FFT is a huge pile of dog sh1t for DT subjects. Simples!

    FFT like any data is skewed in favour of the core subjects for the simple reason (as highlighted above) they can come out of primary school with a L5 in English, L5 in maths and L4 in ... and heres the beef..... "science and technology"
    Show me a primary school teacher who gives a good grounding in DT subjects and i'll call you a liar and them a charlatan!
    Im not saying that primary schools should be kitted out as workshops or anything like that, but theres a massive difference between designing a Y7 project out of wood, metal, plastic, electronics e.t.c. and gluing egg boxes together!
    Surely somebody needs to realise that DT isnt tackled properly in primary school and sort that out... If you need further proof..... ask yourself this.....

    How many times a week do we see this post on the forum.....?

    "i've just been made DT co-ordinator at a primary school and haven't got a fuc*in clue what i'm doing... please send me some schemes of work, thank you."

    One of two things needs to happen, either....

    1. Secondary heads need to realise that not all levels coming out of primary schools are accurate (how can they be?? no teacher can be a specialist in everything no matter how much they want to be)
    2. Primary schools need to work with secondary schools (who are better equipped) to sort the situation out.

  2. TES Resource Team

    TES Resource Team Occasional commenter Institute Enrolment Advisor

    Yes I find it hard to equate FFT to DT ability and always have had. I too have been a HOD for 8 years or so and still am. I am fortunate to also be a member of the SLT at my school and am in a position to articulate these real issues. Just because FFT can "predict" a maths, english and science grade of an A it does not always translate that the same child can produce an A for DT. My best friend at school got an A for everything he took and a C for DT, he's in law now but still cannot fix a puncture on his push bike, can't even take off the wheel. Then again he can afford to pay someone to do it for him, not sure the FFT predicted that though?
    Spencer Herbert
    TES DT Advisor

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