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Feeling low after interview

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by PeGA, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Hi

    What makes you feel the interview went so badly?
    Any interview be it for a teaching post or a job at an office, they are guaging can you do the job, do you have the right character, do you have the right temperant etc and so on. It is your chance to show them that and a little of what you know.
    Everyone will forget certain items they would of wished to discuss but the interviewers know that and take everything in to consideration as mentioned above.
    Dont try and geuss what the outcome will be, what ever will be, will be.
    Being a TA may help if thats the route you do wish to go down,but that does not mean getting a place is any easier, i have 10 years expereince of working in schools and some providers have said that is not enough experience!
    Im sure all will be clearer soon, keep your chin up
  2. Hi, am I right in thinking this was at Hertfordshire? I just had an interview there too, so I've been keeping track of the posts on here, and I remember seeing your name!

    Sorry to hear it didn't go well, what happened? Don't think "there's loads I should have said" as it's counter-productive, there'll ALWAYS be things you could have added, but in the moment you forget things, it happens! Don't dwell on it!

    I too am thinking about my next move if I don't get onto the GTP, and mine will be to get a job as a teaching assistant (although that seems impossible around here!) as more experience is good, and will put you in a better position to re-apply next year, if you decide to.

    Although, who's to say you haven't got on the course? Who knows what the standard of everyone was and the interviewers could have got the opposite feeling from you and thought you did really well!

    Don't lose faith, although that's easier said than done I'm aware! I'm sure you did brilliantly!

  3. Yes it was for Hertfordshire!
    I stumbled on one of the questions and I should have answered it much better, feel it may have let me down as it was regarding the curriculam.
    I have tried to forget it today and look forward to other prospects and will just keep my fingers crossed that I may be lucky [​IMG]
    Because I am planning on moving back to Hertfordshire if I get on the course I am now just a bit up in the air wondering what to do, think the month is going to drag!!
    I see what you mean about teaching assistant jobs, just looked and there is not much about!! Might have to have a word with the Head from my sponsoring school and see what advice she can give me as she has been very helpful and supportive.
    Thanks for making me feel a bit bettter about it all though, that's the beauty of this site!

  4. Would help if I spelt curriculum correctly! lol!
  5. Deb72

    Deb72 New commenter

    Exactly the same as me! I had my interview on Friday. Completely went black, the nerves got to me!
    Im not expecting to get a place; especially when there are about 100 of us and only 50 places :(
    My current job might be coming to an end in July, so I will need to find a different option. At least I find out about the GTP and my job in the same week, get the news over and done with in one go.
    Hopefully I will win the lottery tonight and I can start a university for GTP rejects ha ha [​IMG]

  6. Oh thats funny! Mine was at Herts on Monday and I completely fluffed the one about the National Curriculum and reading. Don't know why, I've been a T.A. for 9 years and written essays on it. But, hey, I knew the answer as soon as I left the room! I don't think we can second guess anything and it's really easy to dwell on the things we stuffed up rather than the questions that were good. I'm hoping we lost a few of the hundred in the initial literacy test. Good luck, just another 3 weeks or so to wait.
  7. Oh my goodness!
    I had a GTP interview on friday and feel exactly the same way about it!

    They asked me the same question about the curriculum and it completely flummoxed me I didn't know what to say.Feeling really bad about it.

    All I can hope is that my work as a TA and coversupervisor and supporting school will stand in my favour. Won't find out until after Easter :( Let us all know how you got on?
  8. I didn't get on :(
    I give up ! I'm taking another route it's far too stressful trying to compete to get a GTP I have been trying for too long. Quite relieved to be going into something else actually I'm sick of the sound of GTP's and everything associated with it!!
  9. You have to be realistic. I got on in my first round of applications 2 years ago BUT:
    1. I applied to 4 GTP providers (was offered a place at 2, wasn't even interviewed for one and withdrew from the other when I knew I had got my preferred place)
    2. Applied for PGCE (added several of the local unis to my list but was lucky to get offered a place at my local Uni prior to being offered the GTP place).
    3. I applied through the school I was working at, and it already had a working relationship with the provider having provided 2 successful GTP trainee already (who both passed and gained employment afterwards). Most of the applicants on my GTPs were at schools the Uni already know - you almost have to play system here.
    I recognise I was very lucky, but I had done my homework and realised how competitive the GTP was (over 450 applications for 24 places at my Uni and that was 2009/10 intake so expect there will be more now for less places).
    I think a lot of applicants 'expect' to get on because of prior experience, but almost everyone I was interviewed with had this or had transferable life experience as a career changer. I also know some people who have applied for 5 or 6 years on the trot and did eventually get on, each gaining more/different experience to support their application.

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