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Feeling like a failure

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Kittyhime, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. After having given it a try for the last 6 months I've come to the realisation that I can't mentally cope with early morning calls for work. Every morning I'm not pre-booked I panic and have recently just plain not answered the phone. I had a bad experience and now absolutely dread going to unknown schools in fear of extreme discipline problems...
    Luckily I start a new (unfortunately non-teaching) job in April but until then I don't know how I'm going to cope with supply.
    Has anyone else felt like this? And if so how did you get over it?
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    I think most supplies have done this at one time or another. I certainly 'confess' to it and know my friend (also a supply) has suffered from this. Especially if one hasn't been working for a while and panic sets in at the thought of facing a class of unknown children, possibly losing one's way or being late to the school because one is unfamiliar with the route etc. etc.
    Just not answering the phone (as if one was out) is the easy way of not having to give a reason for why you can't work, so cut yourself some slack and acept that that's just the way you feel at present.
    You may find your confidence improves once you 'join the workforce' again albeit in a non-teaching role.
  3. If you really don't intend to accept any more bookings, and it will only be this week as the Easter holidays start soon, why not ring your agency and tell them that you have had to take on a non-teaching job but that you will bear them in mind if you ever return to teaching. That way you can feel in control, plus you won't be burning any bridges. Good luck in your new job, btw. :)
  4. I wish the phone would actually ring; it hasn't for the last nine months. [​IMG]
  5. Well up until recently my phone wasn't ringing much either. I hope that supply starts to pick up for you and Lara.
  6. VelvetChalk

    VelvetChalk New commenter

    I get like that sometimes, although I always seem to land on my feet and go with the flow, schools know youve just been dropped in it and are often glad someone has turned up. My friend hated early morning calls so just rang her agency and said she couldnt do them, she still got lots of pre-booked work.
  7. Wuzzy

    Wuzzy New commenter

    You are not the only one, I still hate early morning calls - though the voices at the other end of the phone know I dread them and are always lovely when it is an early call.
    With my agency, you can opt for pre-booked only, but you probably won't get quite as much work. On the bright side, you could then wake up in the morning without dreading it.
    Good luck with your new job - and peaceful waking up knowing where you are going.
  8. I hate morning calls too and I decided after a couple of weeks that they weren't for me, well done for lasting six months! I told my agency that I only want pre-booked work, occasionally they ring me first thing but I say "I only accept pre-booked work." Luckily the same school have had me in doing supply work for at least half a day a week since last June and I'm currently on a 3 month contract with them.
  9. Mrs-Pip

    Mrs-Pip New commenter

    I think in the first 6 months of my supply career I didn't answer the phone in the morning either, until I got more confident Now many years later if I don't have pre booked I get up, ring around and then just wait. I dread the phone NOT ringing! [​IMG]
  10. No, even better is when you get to the front desk, all smart and early. "Oh I'm sorry, Julie is coming in today". "That's OK, it was only £10 in fuel"
  11. The rudeness of office staff is unbelievable. I had one receptionist tell me when I arrived that I would only be needed for half a day when I was booked for a full day - no apology but, "you will be able to enjoy the sunshine in your garden this afternoon." Yeah, that sunshine will pay my overdraft just fine. I bet she wouldn't have been so smiley if her afternoon's pay packet was cancelled just like that.
  12. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    I'm normally not fussed about morning calls, although at the start of the year i was less organised about them. This month though has been different, I crashed my car and it was taken away for 'repair' and then I got the half expected news that it needed to be written off, so i''ve been relying on lifts and public transport, so morning calls are something I've been weary off this month but thankfully I've not had many. The best one was last week though, I'd been booked at a school a town over from my local town (i live in a village 2 miles out of town with the train station being on the edge of town as i walk in). I planned my journey around this the next day, I was going to walk to the station and then train and a walk to school. Then I get a call asking if i'm free, I tell the consultant I'm booked to do work through them at school X only to be told it had been cancelled.....(thanks for telling me)....but could i go to this other school. So I agree, spend some time rushing round getting some resources (it's a primary day and theres no work planned, as i'm a geologist that does secondary science i opt for a day on volcanoes with the kids) .....then i end up having to get a taxi to the station, the train, then a taxi from the station to the school, but thankfully the agency said they'ed pay for this for me. Thankfully the car thing should be sorted soon so that'll be good.
    What I've done in the past to solve the morning call thing is to call agencies in the afternoon to see if there's work, with the first one I signed up to, and usually there was. It might be a strategy to try, but this was a few years ago so I don't know how that will pan out at the moment.
  13. I've only been doing supply for a couple of months and morning calls made me really panicky at first but now I find that after I'm dressed and ready I don't feel so nervous when the phone rings. Had to laugh the other day though, never mind early morning calls, I had one when I was in a class on the classroom phone! I was in early years, and up to my ears in glue, sequins etc making easter cards and the ta hands me the phone and my agency asks me to go to another school that afternoon, here is the post code etc not that I had anything to hand to write it down with, could have used sequins I suppose haha. They sure are determined. Not sure how common or professional being called while you're supposed to be teaching is but I was happy to have a full days work. I'm an NQT so although a bit daunting at times I think being thrown in the deep end with supply is doing me good. Would like to be completing my induction though :-\
  14. That does always amaze me. The agency tell us we should not use our phones when in class, then call with work offers. If I don't answer, I miss out on work - but if I do, I run the risk of a complaint from the school about using the phone while in work!!
  15. Well the phone will definitely NOT ring over the next 2/3weeks because of the Easter break, unless you start applying online NOW for longer term teaching posts starting <u>next</u> term!!!...and get a pleasant call from an employment agency?[​IMG]
  16. Me too -- has anyone yet found anything official about whether the 16-month rule has been properly abolished in England? Do we, like our Welsh colleagues, now have a 5-year shelf life as supply teachers? The uncertainty is beginning to get to me.
  17. historygrump

    historygrump Lead commenter Forum guide


    Please see my reply on another post, apprarently announcement soon, but period is almost certain to be extended to 5 years from 16-months, but until the details are published, that is the only news I have on the issue.
    Ps have you signed the 38 degrees petition (see this site for details within the supply forum)
  18. This was happening to me the last 2 weeks of term.
    I was repeatedly booked for work by my agency yet they still rung me at 1:30pm or sent me a text message about contacting them about work. By 3:45 when I got the chance to ring them, the work had been given to someone else and they had no other work in the diary to be allocated. What a waste of time!

  19. historygrump

    historygrump Lead commenter Forum guide


    I know what you mean, it as happened to me, with a text to phone them immediately, it turns out they had a job for the next day, but gave it to somebody else, because I did not phone back straight away. But my phone was on silent due to the fact that I was teaching, that is the rule for teachers and kids. Why can't they understand that? I suppose that is why teachers are professional and consultants are far from professional.
  20. It's a joke that they are called "education consultants".
    V. professional sounding title that for a myriad of inept sales folk.

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