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Feeling guilty for being off sick

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by spider13, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Have you spoken to your headteacher? They have a duty to look after your health and wellbeing so should be willing to listen. Maybe there are some small changes to your workload they can make that will help. Have you got any classes that could easily be taken over by someone else (e.g. year 7s) or could they let you go home if you are free in the afternoons?
    Try not to feel guilty (easier said than done!). If the welfare of your baby means you need time away then so be it. They will manage without you.
    I needed a couple of weeks off for being unwell when pregnant. The effect of the time off on my wellbeing was huge and definitely worth it.
  2. Keeping your blood pressure down is far, far more important than school at the moment. Take all the time you need off. And spider's right, you could try arranging something with whoever is responsible for your risk assessment (have you done one?) If you bring something up as a risk to your pregnancy (which high blood pressure certainly is) and school do nothing to reduce the risk, you're entitled to stay off on full pay anyway. Although I know being that assertive and demanding is far more difficult than just getting yourself signed off. If you ever feel you need to be signed off, your doctor will almost certainly be supportive - if you don't ask, you don't get!
    I hope things settle down.
  3. Mrs Chem,
    You shouldn't feel guilty. I have been signed off work for the last 3 months and my priority is trying to remain as healthy as i can for my baby, teaching is a job to me and my unborn child is more important.
    High blood pressure in pregnancy is not good. If you are not well and it may affect your baby then you should not be there.
    Why do you not ask to get signed off for a while until it goes down?
    Teaching is a job like any other, your health and that of your baby should be your main focus. Hope this helps. x
  4. Thanks ladies.
    Going to have a good chat with my HoD on Monday (after a full day of teaching[​IMG]) about my concerns and see if they can suggest anything to help with keeping me healthy until I go on mat leave. To be honest, I doubt anything will change and if my BP stays up I will be signed off, my mw has told me as much already, so it's in their best interests to help me stay at work as long as poss.
    Thanks for listening x
  5. I was sent home by SLT, and then signed off for a week and a half and I was perfectly healthy! It was because there was a virus going round school and I needed a blood test to check I was immune and had to wait for the results before I could return to school. Yes I felt guilty at first, but all staff that knew I was pregnant were great and told me that I had to look after the babys interest.It was then, I realised, I actually have someone else to look after. If I don't look after me, then baby may suffer for it. I'm sure your HoD will be understanding x
  6. Gosh Dannii, your SLT sound very compassionate and understanding. There is no way on this earth our SLT would do that...I have just been told if there is anything going round so I am aware of it and can watch for symptoms. I am actually feeling much better after talking to my HoD and have felt well at work this week. Seeing mw tomorrow and hopefully BP will be in the normal range. Thanks again for your messages x

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