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Feeling a little sad

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by DJDave1979, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Well I've finally received the result I knew was coming. My first choice has rejected me without interview at this ridiculously late stage despite having my application since November. My second choiceis listed as having no places left.
    I know we don't all get an interview, but it would surely not be unreasonable to expect the instant-rejections to be processed to give the applicant a chance to shop around.
    Does anyone know how long it takes GTTR to put reasons to rejections up? Mine is blank at the moment.
  2. That is beyond shocking hun. I am so sorry to hear your news. Is ther anyone else you can apply to?
  3. Sorry to hear that. Good luck with your third choice!
  4. Hi Dave,

    I am sorry to hear that and I do know how you feel. I applied for the PGCE and was interviewed by my first choice however I have never heard any more from them and my second choice is also showing as full. I applied to 3 GTP providers with a school willing to back me. One rejected me immediately, one sent me for 2 days in school following which I had a final interview a month later and again I have heard nothing and the 3rd had my application from the 1st Nov and replied on the 8th of Feb 2011 stating they had a high number of applicants. If this is the case and I was obviously always for the chops for what ever reasons they used to shortlist then why not let me know sooner? This process has gone on for the best part of 6 months of my life now and if I am honest I am sick of it now and feel so deflated I may have to reconsider about whether or not to apply again next year for the sake of my family as I have not been fun to be around of late!!

    Chin up xx

    Ham x
  5. I think if the uni gives a reason for rejection it will go on GTTR at the same time as the updated decision status, but if they reject you without an interview they don't necessarily give a reason, and you have to contact the uni directly to ask. If you have no reason given on GTTR I expect you'll have to contact the provider to query it.
    Sorry you've been messed around, do you have more choices you can add? You can keep adding choices one at a time so hopefully you can find one with vacancies that you would be happy to go to and keep the application going?
    Good luck
  6. Thanks all.
    I guess I can try and find any courses with places left and add them to the pile. It just seems like such a waste of my time. I've spent about a year on this so far including the efforts to find places to gain experience.
    If I had done something wrong at an interview I'd feel much less let-down than I do having jumped through all their hoops with nothing to show for it at all.
  7. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I had something similar in the year before I did my PGCE. My first-choice was Goldsmiths and they scheduled me for one of the first interviews, then postponed it by 6 weeks. By the time myself and the others got the chance for interview, we were told most of the places had been filled by people who were interviewed before us, but should have been interviewed after us! I was too despondent to do well that day so I went travelling without a PGCE place.
    However, in the summer there were still places on the waiting list at the IoE for the part-time route, so I got an interview at the end of August. That night, I was told I was on the waiting list. Less than a week later I had the call saying they had space for me on the course and the next day I was in lectures!
    So, please keep hoping! I know it's tough this year, with the late funding announcements and lots and lots of people applying, but perseverance can work!
    Good luck to all of you. It seems to get harder every year.
  8. I wasn't invited to interview last year by the provider who I have been offered an unconditional place with this year, so please don't give up hope. I had my provider as my first choice for both years as I knew it was the best provider for me and thankfully my perseverance won out.
    Last year I was so disappointed, like you I would have felt better if I had flunked the interview and been turned down rather than not even been offered the chance.
    I rang the rovider last year and they had a look over my application to give me feedback as to why I had been unsucessful. One of the main reasons was that my academic record was unproven (I have GCSE's C's in all the required subjects, but no A-Levels and my degree was unfinished at that point), and they also told me that my personal statement was weak, it was too descriptive and not reflective enough.
    Having never written a personal statement before (I did an Open University degree) I was not surprised by this, I hadn't been sure what was required of me and in my panic to tell them how much experience I had within the word count I forgot to actually apply what I knew.
    So this year I bit the bullet, put them as my first choice again, spent AGES writing my personal statement, got about 5 different people to look over it and clicked submit. The rest is history! Within 5 days of submitting my application through GTTR I had a phone call inviting me to an interview, which I had on the 18th of Jan, by the 21st of Jan I had a 'conditional on funding' offer, and on Monday of this week I had my unconditional offer thanks to the funding being available for my place.
    It was heartbreaking last year, but it made my application stronger this year, I was more determined this year as I wanted it even more. PLEASE don't give up, if it's meant to be it will happen, and looking back I realise this year without studying has been great, I am more energised and prepared than I would have been last year.
    You just have to hope that the perfect place will come up through clearing, some current trainees I've met weren't even interviewed until June of last year, so it's not all lost yet. Take care.
  9. From the GTTR website:
    "If we receive your application by 1 December, we give training providers until late January to tell us whether or not they are offering you a place."
    From what you have said and is written above your provider is at fault, and you should take this up with the GTTR.
    I can see no reason why they were not able to inform you that they would not interview you.
  10. Cosmic_Rainbow

    Cosmic_Rainbow New commenter

    exactly the same thing happened to me, its soooooo annoying. the system is really messed up this year [​IMG]
  11. I agree that they should have informed you earlier that they did not wish to interview you. However, I don't see what complaining to the GTTR will do. Yes it did say before that applications received before the 1st December would be informed of a decision by end of January but the GTTR have extended that deadline twice now. So I don't think its an exceptional case.
    Good luck to you though, this year has been a joke applying.
  12. Have you decided what to do next? Keep trying I guess.
    Thanks to everyone for the replies.
  13. Cosmic_Rainbow

    Cosmic_Rainbow New commenter

    yeh i spose, i doubt clearing will be an option this year with all the cuts. someone did mention to me yesterday about mayb applying for a gtp
  14. The providers just ask the GTTR for an extention and they go OK.
    The candidates are never asked, but are usually informed of the extention - usually numbers - by GTTR.
    All the time the provider holds onto your 'ticket'. You can cancel although as you have no info regarding outstanding places, and number of candidates your on a hiding to nothing if you do, as the next down the line could quite easily instantly reject your app.
    As the person who is forking out cash/debt for fees and accommondation then really you shouldn't be subject to such a 'pass-the-parcel' system.
  15. Indeed. There is no clear advantage to withdrawing from one idividual provider as you don't know what they are thinking.
    I understood that these were all sent out one at a time to make it easier for the providers to deal with. UCAS with everything going at once leads to many courses being turned down and I can understand that being difficult on the admissions office. But, if the applications are limited to one at a time, they surely have some duty to turn around their applications in a timely manner so as to be fair to candidates.

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