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Feeling a bit down

Discussion in 'Personal' started by disguise, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. I'm also slightly worried they may feedback to my current school that they felt I 'don't want to be there' - but then keep telling myself they've neither the time nor the inclination to do this (despite the head living near my current school) and this is ridiculous. They actually said that whilst it didn't 'bother them' whether I wanted to leave or not it may seem negative to other prospective employers. All I said in interview was that my current school was a challenge and cited examples and reasons. I was candid, sure but negative, I hope not. Oh well. Nothing I can do now.
  2. I have never known an interview school feed back to current school. And - applying for jobs is a reasonable indication that you don't want to be there!! Mostly school leaders accept people wanting to move on as a fact of life. Don't worry about it, there will be other jobs and this one wasn't right for you. Their loss.
    Next time say that you are looking for new challenges and try to find positive things to say about the interview school.
  3. Ah-bad luck. You put so much effort into a job interview and after all the stress to not get the job is horrible. What did they mean when they said:
    Surely the fact you were applying for another job implies that you don't want to be in your current job!
    Anyway it's okay to cry, your family and friends care for you and will be disappointed on your behalf. That's what they are there for. Have a cry, moan, rant to anyone who will listen. Have a glass of wine/bar of chocolate/a run around the block (or whatever destresses you).
    Tomorrow is another day! Onwards and upwards! You can't win them all! (hope one of my clumsy cliches helps a little)
    Take care-it will feel a little better in the morning and hopefully by next week you will have filed it away forever in the cabinet marked 'things in my life that have really p***ed me off.'
  4. Thanks. I thought I was turning potential negatives in positives but obviously not. I said things like 'It's been a challenge because for various reasons the department needed building up and I feel I have done that and whilst there is a way to go I've done XYZ and we are really getting there. I feel I've made a difference. etc'

    If they saw that as negative I don't really know what else I could have said TBH. So in conclusion I said thanks for that feedback and I will work on it. Obviously I came across as negative somehow but not sure where exactly. I'm still gutted though. KS5 experience is something I haven't had for a few years and have no way of getting as we don't have a 6th form. Not really sure what else I can do there as I will come up against that issue everywhere I go.

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