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Feel rubbish after observation.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by s0700452, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. I had my final NQT observation today. I spent so long preparing it and felt pretty confident about it.
    We were looking at money in maths. However, when my mentor left my LSA thought that the starter was too long. I had tried to make it interactive but it meant they had less written time. I had wanted my top group to write a money problem for our plenary but we ran out of time!! Ahhh.
    Then when we were on the carpet I had different objects with different prices on the board. I asked how much 2 oranges would be. We worked it out together and got to the answer of £2.30. I had this answer even written on the IWB. Then a child said 'oh i get it, so it is £3.70' and another said 'maybe it is £4.00'. I had no idea what to do. We had all worked it out and got the correct answer which was even written on the board. When I asked these boys how they got to that answer they said 'I have no idea'.
    I am so annoyed. I haven't had my feedback yet but my mentor said to me 'it was fine' as she left school. I don't want to be 'fine' in my final half term of being an NQT.
    Is it okay to be 'fine' by the end of your NQT year? So many people I know are outstanding by this stage.
  2. The Red Heron

    The Red Heron New commenter

    chill out!!! God Ive been doing this for over a decade and believe me 'fine' is a bonus at the moment
    Whats your ultimate objective as a human being? I know I treat my job not very seriously as I really do live by the motto 'work to live not live to work' but enjoy your life, dont worry about trivial things like that
  3. You need to understand that after doing this for such a short time "fine" is exactly what it says on the tin. Did anyone storm out saying "I'm not F***ing doing this"? was there a fight in the classroom? were missiles being thrown across the room? NO Take the "fine"- dont lose any sleep about it and you will pass your NQT year just like the rest of us. x

    PS There will always be some pain in the butt that spoils an observation for you.
  4. I know a lot of teachers and reckon I know about 3 genuinely 'outstanding' teachers who are outstanding all the time, day in and day out, and they are all quite experienced teachers who have been teaching for at least 6 years, and one is a deputy head.
    I know other teachers who have been grading 'oustanding' in observations (or say they have) but they certainly don't keep this up all the time.
    For my observation this year I haven't done anything different to what I would normally do in my teaching and I have had a few 'good' gradings (including one from an LA observer and during an OFSTED inspection). This means I know my teaching is 'good' most of the time. I also know I have had a few howlers this year when perhaps behaviour hasn't been right or I have misjudged pitch or got differentiation wrong or under or over estimated the kids - it is all part and parcel of teaching and you learn from it.
    Also like the other poster has said, whilst I work flipping hard, I also want a life too.
    You say everyone you know is 'oustanding' by now... they are probably all lying to you LOL
    Seriously, relax. In teaching everything can't be perfect, you are dealing with human beings. Reflect on what went wrong, clearly something did as you ran out of time and the kids didn't understand the input, learn from it and move on.
    I think part of my 'good' in my observations, have also stemmed from the fact when they ask what I think I usually tell them the development points they were going to tell me or I tell them what needed improving or what didn't work and what did work - or children who didn;t make progress etc... Personally, I think this aspect of realistic self-reflection is more important than the actual 'grading' which is only one person's opinion, after all :)
  5. upsadaisy

    upsadaisy New commenter

    Outstanding at the end of NQT year? I'm not inclined to believe that.

    You have been able to identify areas where you can improve, that is very good. Tomorrow you go in and address the issues that arose with the boys and other's now that you've marked the work. And in a pinch if you panic and don't know what to do get the children to turn to a partner and explain their answer/method.

    So you can tell your mentor what you have assessed, how you've addressed it and what you would change next time.

    (Though I don't think much of your mentor not giving feedback before the days end)

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