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Feel offended...

Discussion in 'Music' started by dropje, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. dropje

    dropje New commenter

    I have been given permission to have a concert (in our 3rd year as academy with no concerts). I am allowed 1 hour from 6-7pm. I also put up a performance very week for the 4 assemblies. These are great opportunities fro me to record coursework.
    The head has only seen my Xmas assembly music and not the daily stuff.
    So here is the crunch: Apparently, some of my assemby acts are not of the quality expected for a public performance!!!!!! So I ask which ones, no-one can tell me of course. I have never received anythign other than praise. I keep asking and get my colleague, an expert in finding out the inside scoop, to be detective cause no-one can give me a staight answer.
    I am offended. You, my colleagues, know how hard kids find it to perform in front of the school and that, no matter how much they have practised and rehearsed with you, anything can happen. Also, it's about personal development. These kids who choose a performance based subject need to experience performing, they are scared and know this is about learning to manage your fear.
    What does SLT expect and is it me or are there very few SLT members from a creative background? They jsut have no idea.
  2. bod99

    bod99 New commenter

    One hour? ONE hour for 3 years? What are your SLT on? I would be looking for alternative posts if I were you. You have every right to be offended. Perhaps the SLT would like to put on their own concert to show you their own standards?
    My sympathies.
  3. brookey1970

    brookey1970 New commenter

    Look into booking a cheap alternative venue e.g. the church hall. Do your homework on capacity and likely income from ticket sales or contribution bucket. Provisionally invite the mayor and high profile local businessmen/women (venue tbc). Ring up one of your performer friends/old uni mates/local performer who has no links to the school. Mock up a poster and take it to the boss. Explain that the local performer has approached you, re putting on a concert with the kids; that you are very keen for performance opportunities for them but that you are aware that this event does not squarely fit your remit. However, given the potential benefits of links with the business fraternity and public figures, it would be a shame if the performer goes elsewhere. If they still don't bite, do some posters and put them up locally, calling for young acts and make sure all your kids have read it. Talk about it in the staff room, get some help from colleagues ("Oh thank you so much Mrs Jones - it's so kind of you to look after front-of-house.") If all else fails, use the church hall after all.
  4. Firstly, I was criticised in my current school for the choices of some music I put into performances in my first year. They had had a bad time with their music teacher before hand and it took over a year for them to start trusting my judgement. As you say, since then, nothing but praise (almost).
    However, there the similarity ends - concerts are expected, one per term PLUS a christmas carol service plus lunchtime concerts PLUS ad hoc concerts in the community and also attendance at competitions (still getting round to this).
    I do like to take risks and I do like to be inclusive. I have an orchestra and a choirw hich helps.
    Let's be honest - everyone has an opinion - I've been told the Three Little Maids from School is not appropriate to be sung by a girls choir (I MEANNNNNN!!!!!). But I ignor them. I am the Music Teacher and my judgement goes - opinions are listened to and sometimes heeded, but its me that does the heeding when I see fit. What qualifications to judge educational music choices do your SLT have?
    My question would be, why is your school NOT asking for this? Concerts are PARENT PLEASERS - they give students OPPORTUNITIES to demonstrate their skills and understandng and develop a wide range of personal skills. They are SHOWCASES for your GCSE (and A Level?) performances. Parents will WANT TO COME. I'm deeply deeply suprised. Why are they not crying out for them??
    My second question is - do you have any ensembles - and if so, when do they perform?
    What a situation - I do hope you get it resolved!

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