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Feel like just walking out on it all.

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by frannysing, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. We all get a little more stressed at this time of year with the pressure of exams and folios to be completed.
    Concentrate on the groups who need to get their controlled assessment pieces finished. Once you have that together you will feel better. I am not sure when your groups go on study leave but it can't be long after this Easter break, so really you have only this week and 2, maybe 3, weeks left to prepare your students for their exams. Which means they must already be at a good stage as you have been preparing them since year 10 really. It is a very stressful time of the year for teachers but it is also a very short time and it will be over very soon.
    As for your year 9 group - I work with EBD and SEN pupils and I have seen every type of behaviour they display. If you want to message me privately and give me an idea of exactly what your struggling with I'd be more than happy to offer any advice, help and support.
    But don't do anything rash like handing in your notice or trying to escape - like you've stated - you've no idea what another school will be like, it could be the same or worse and it's better the devil you know isn't it. You're lucky you have a sympathetic HoD too. Hang in there!
  2. Applecart,

    you sound like a lovely person and a hard working teacher. As someone with a lot of experience at Year 10 and 11 I can say that kids eventually get the result they deserve. Some kids will always go into exams with incomplete folders! To cover my **** i have always e-mailed the head of year and Head of dept at this time of year to give them a heads up on underperforming students and volunteered ONCE ONLY to work up the coursework. Then the kid is on his own. In one year he will be in the world of work. No concessions there. You won't be doing them any favours if you spoon feed them. I would also drop the mentoring as it is a thankless task onlt best delivered by someone who really wants to do it. Concentrate on your own classes and leave some time spare for your wellbeing. Go to work and enjoy rte kids who enjoy school. You can't change the world ad don't be under any illusion that you are Julie Andrews. As for the Year 9 class - all year 9 classes are a pain but others are paid more than you to solve these issues so lean on them heavily, keep a paper trail and LET SMT DO THE WORK THEY ARE PAID FOR.
    Anee x
  3. spelling mistakes as a result of work life balance (vin dans le jardin)!
  4. Hi Apple Cart,
    I'm sorry that you feel like this - please take solace in the fact that all teachers feel like this now and again. I felt exactly the same as you earlier this year - when 2 teachers left I was dumped with their incomplete workload and disorganised classes. Your SMT should support you - make it clear how you feel. I told my SMT and they did nothing, so I applied for another job and I am now leaving in the summer. Yes, it may all be the same when and if you leave, but if you have told your line managers how you feel and they are doing nothing to help then I;m afraid it serves them right to lose you.Your post shows that you clearly are a fantastic teacher (a rubbish teacher would carry on regardless and mumble through each day - you take it personally) so just have faith - things will get better. If you want to further your career, hanging in there would be a far better option than going off with stress - that never looks good on your record, despite the fact that sometimes it is the only option. Good luck with everything. Keep posting - it really helps.

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