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Feel like I've missed something...

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by roz1982, May 20, 2011.

  1. Calling all drama teachers who's year 11's took thier AQA drama written paper this morning...
    is it me, or was the exam paper ridiculously different to the spec paper we have had available to work from? I know its a new exam but have I missed something?? some secret area where there are more sample papers available?? Because as far as I have been aware there has been one sample paper up until very recently (this week?!) so I had some last minute sessions to brief pupils on other possible q's and then today the exam was completely different again apart from section A;01!!! I feel like I couldn't have prepared them properly for the possibility of different questions...does anyone elso feel the same??
  2. My year 11 pupils took the exam last year, in Year 10, so there is an exam paper available and has been for a year. This paper can be found on the eAQA website.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Yes i know there's a paper on the website this is the one I've been using to teach the written side of the course. what I'm saying is that until very recently this is the only paper that has been available as far as I'm aware but a this week a new paper went on website and today the exam was again a completely new paper.
  4. First of all can I say how relieved I am that I am not the only drama teacher who is totally bewildered by Section B of today's written paper for AQA Drama GCSE. I have not seen the paper yet but by all accounts my students were prepared for Section A but found the questions for Section B differed from our preparation. After the exam they stated that questions five and six could be answered from the perspective of a designer, technician and an actor. This varies from all the advice I have been given directly from the board and from the advice offered from the AQA website.It was my impression that five and six were for actors and questions seven and eight were for designers and technicians. Consequently, due to my advice and the pressure of only having one and a half hours they would have answered five and six and ignore seven and eight despite the fact that this was the question we had earnestly prepared for. AQA swapped the order of questions and their perspective with no warning. I check the website regularly and believed them when they stated that the exam was fairer and more clear cut. Students complained that the wording of question five was not the rehearsal and research question we were led to believe from past papers, but something about the playwright's intentions. I am dreading seeing the paper when it is presented to me. How can AQA justify this change? I was totally unaware and feel as drama teachers we must collectively ask AQA why this happened. I appreciate that the semantics of the questions must change, but not to this extent and to change the format and order of the questions seems in all honesty unfair to my students.
  5. All I can say is I am totally with you on this, I feel exactly the same way - like you said becasue of time constraints I was very clear with pupils to ONLY ANSWER Section A and section B 05 and 06 and the new layout/questions on the exam paper totally threw them - its just so different! I don;lt think they have provided enough past papers ans sample questions to justify such a chnage, I feel, like you, that I have regularly checked the website and have worked with what they have provided - a new paper went up days before the exam, so I prepped them in a bit of a panic for this and then on the day it was completely different again! I feel as thier teacher as though I was stopped from preparing them properly; I just canlt understand why they did this!!!
  6. Yeah, that was annoying, wasn't it. Luckily I told my students to expect the unexpected, because I suspected AQA would meddle.

    If we, as teachers, prepared students as thoroughly as possible for the most LIKELY questions (i.e., those asked in previous papers) then I guess we did our job as best we could. Remember everyone has the same disadvantage.

    All the same, it's frustrating. I have no problem with AQA changing the questions...so long as we are informed of ALL POSSIBLE QUESTIONS in the specification. How are we supposed to prepare students for infinite possible questions?
  7. Agreed Simmyjaye - thats what I found most frustrating; that I wasn't able to prepare them enough...
    Yes this is true, but I think for some of my lower ability pupils it would have been more of a disadvantage because they find it much more difficult to be flexible and think on their feet - its those pupils I was most worried about - even the change in the layout of the exam freaked them out!!
  8. I think the issue here is not that AQA changed the questions but they gave no warning it was going to happen. Through their advice both in person and on the website, I was under the false impression that the questions followed a pattern. If AQA had warned me that a new style of question was to be included, I could have warned and prepared my students. My students were offered a paper that contradicted their teacher's advice: advice based on AQA guidance. Questions were legitimate but a warning would have been courteous.To change the format did put everyone at the same disadvantage, particularly the weaker students.

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