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Feel like am cracking up again

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by tladams, May 12, 2011.

  1. Hi honey, have a massive hug on me.
    I don't have anything particularly constructive to say but I get why you feel so awful. Is there anything useful you can do school wise to 'help' them? I'm mean you should because you're off sick but maybe part of the feeling so c.rap is the worry about work? Failing that, any good books you can read. Being on the 4th floor up and unable to get down, I can't suggest much else. Which makes me feel a little daft for even posting really!! Oh what a pants day all round!!x
  2. ((((((((((((Catherinaaa)))))))))))
    it is not your fault that you can't work at the moment or that you were off erlier in the academic year. You need to allow your ankle to heal otherwise you will be off longer with it.
    Not being able to go out sucks (says the girl that hates leaving her flat for any reason and has to be forced).

    I hope you feel better soon, and I am around during the day if you need a chat or vent.

    RG xxx
  3. catherinaaa

    catherinaaa New commenter

    I@m ok, got drunk. Stuff it. Had enough.

    'thanks for hugs guys, makes me feel better am not alone if that makes sense.
    take care everyone. thanks xxxxx
  4. sounds like a plan Catherinaaa, sometimes there is nothing else for it.
    Get drunk, put on some of your favourite music and sing along really loudly. Although in my case you can't really sing along to heavy metal or hard rock that well and that is usually my choice when in that sort of mood.
    take care hun xxx
  5. catherinaaa

    catherinaaa New commenter

    I'm just crying now. Think just going to go to bed. x
  6. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    Remember that alcohol is a depressant and won't help. You can also ring teacher support line to off load.
  7. catherinaaa

    catherinaaa New commenter

    I'm bit better this morn. Spoke to my counsellor first thing and have also been in touch with my co-teacher and she's coming over next week for tea and a chat. Know I shouldn't have been drinking but helps me to forget sometimes.
    Thanks for messages all of you xxx
  8. Glad you are feeling better this morning Catherinaaa.
    Sounds like a good idea to have the co-teacher over to talk things through.
    I am the same that I use alchol when I want to forget what ever it is that is upsetting me. Always regret it the next day though.
    RG xxx
  9. Glad you feel a little better today. If the ADs allowed it, I'd have drank too. Instead I went for a lot of nytol. Totally spaced out today. Trying to avoid the Head of Upper School who this mother went to see :-/

    Tea and a chat are alsways good. I've got a friend offering takeaway and dvds tonight. Thank god for them!xxx

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