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Feel like a naughty child who's been sent to the head!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Jenevans, May 17, 2011.

  1. Hi, I don't often post on here but I just wanted people's thoughts about the reaction my head gave this morning. She was showing a parent round the school with a family worker and happen to come into my classroom just as the children had tidied up tables from guided reading and about to start maths learning. I was checking some writing from one of my groups and asked the rest of the class to get in the carpet spaces ready and to talk to each other about what doubles of numbers they remembered from yesterday. However a few decided to have a chatter with each other instead of going to their carpet spaces and doing what I asked them...as sometimes they do! They are year one and a brilliant class who responds well to me and discipline in not an issue. However, my head comes in at that time and obviously not impressed with the few still standing and chatting but doesn't speak to the children on the carpet but comes over to me at a table and says that she doesn't know what's going on with the children on the carpet but some are being very silly. I was in the middle of talking to another child at the table and looked up to see them so when she left straight after, I asked the children still standing what I had asked them to do so then I went through the ritual as a teacher in reminding about following instructions and getting themselves ready for maths. Then the reason why I writing this post, is that at playtime she asked me if I could go to her office and speak to her about what happened this morning in the classroom! I was quite shocked! I understand she was trying to impress the parent and family worker but the children weren't being particularly loud or in my view not doing anything silly and the fact they had finished one session of learning and starting another then it was a 'transistion time' she came into. Now I feel I am being victimised for that and now feel absolutely awful and worried about going to see her! I only started in this school in September and adjusting to having a different headteacher and different expectations but I feel this is going over the top. I don't know...feel confused by her approach when she can't even get the whole school to line up quietly in the playground after playtime and lunchtime!
    Thanks for reading!
  2. What did the HT actually say to you when you went to her office?
    You should quite simply explain to her what you have written in this post as I don't think it is such a big issue and definately not something to be called into the office about unless she feels she should explain why she had mentioned it to you. It seems like the HT worried about creating the 'perfect' impression but kids are kids and it doesn't sound like they were a cause for concern.
  3. I've known heads like this. Good heads know kids are kids, teachers are human and 100% perfect behaviour is not possible all the time. Bad heads don't...
    I'm with clc90 - just explain your side and have confidence in your own professionalism.
    Chill out and don't worry.


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