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Feel guilty for wearing stockings.

Discussion in 'Personal' started by karen_rouge, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. doomzebra

    doomzebra Occasional commenter

  2. ....

    Why would a fish even be buying a fish-net stocking? I don't really get it. Well, I do, but ...

  3. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    I like the joke [​IMG] It also serves to close the circle and bring us back to the subject of stockings.
  4. I wouldn't call a few pages of dodgy puns much of a backlash.
    Nice try, but no cigar, baby.
  5. Ah yes. Back to stockings.
    OP? Are you still there?
  6. They neither guilt nor delight me. Horrid things. Tights too. Ugh.
    Pop sox rule ok.
  7. Ugh.
    Wouldn't be seen dead in them.
  8. I love them - give the illusion of tights/stocking with none of the restrictions......
  9. i get really annoyed with the 'stay-up' ones that dont' stay up......half-way through the evening, they're flapping loosely around your knees. Sexy...........not!
  10. But aren't pop sox knee high? If your skirt is knee-length or above pop sox would be very unpleasant indeed.
  11. I wear pop sox to work all the time, when i'm wearing long skirts or trousers...I'm talking about the thigh-length lacy top stockings that are called stay-ups......but they don't always!
  12. But aren't pop sox knee high? If your skirt is knee-length or above pop sox would be very unpleasant indeed.
    You don't wear them then sea pink. Duh!
    Like Annie, I wear them with long skirts and trousers.
    Thigh highs - terrible, never stay up, only good for 'posing' in. Don't ask.
  13. I try one last time. Does any other teachers feel guilty about wearing stockings to work?
  14. Sea-pink - utterly delighted that you took the time to read, quote, reply and press submit.... :)
  15. It was such attention-seeking garbage, I couldn't resist. Oh - and it's on the top page again - just for little old you.
  16. The staff at PC World will look the same if he ever needs repairs to his hard drive.
    What do you have to google to come up with that pic???
  17. I had a teacher who used to wear pop sox and sit with her skirt hitched up and herlegs open so we could see the flesh spilling over the top. ICK [​IMG]

    Yuk! Pop sox must also be really bad for circulation because they are tight around the top, it's not worth it. I remember seeing a picture of Princess Diana wearing them, her skirt (calf length) blew up a little and the tops of the pop sox were exposed. Dire! Even she couldn't pull off that look.
  18. Huh?! I think you're getting somewhat carried away again! Have you always been prone to exaggeration?
    And WHY are you calling me Rose?
    Odd person.

  19. Have you always been prone to the overuse of italics and capital letters?
    You really are a tedious ***, as is evidenced in your posts all over the threads like a nasty rash.
    You delight in snide little digs and bullying behaviour covered with a sprinkle of vomit inducing slimeballing. Very similar to a former poster called Rose. That is why I am calling you Rose and this is my last reply to you, you're a time wasting silly little tart.
  20. Oh. Dear.
    You really have lost it.

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