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feeding in the night & hungry baby milk

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by kittenmittens, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    This doesn't sound right to me. I would definitely carry on with treating any feeds before 7am as night feeds, putting her straight back down, minimal talking in a dim room etc, but if she's crying you are right to feed her. My LO (15 weeks) goes down at 7.30 and used to sleep through til 6am, now she wakes at 2 or 3 becuase of teething, spends half an hour chatting, dribbling and shoving hands in her mouth then sometimes goes back to sleep, sometimes cries. I have a 4am rule- before then I ignore unless she is crying and then try putting the dummy in, this always works and she goes back to sleep but I would feed her if she kept crying. After 4am if she wakes and cries she gets fed and put back down.
    Is Zoe teething too? If hunger is causing her to wake it might be that early-ish weaning is the answer rather than hungry baby milk, am I right in remembering that she is a fairly big baby?
  2. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    My 21 month old son still occasionally wakes in the night for some milk! He doesn't eat that much really, so if he wants a bit of milk (he has cows milk) then it's easier to just give him the bottle and go back to bed! He's never been a particularly good sleeper, or eater. You can't force them!
    Hungry baby milk isn't good for them either. We tried it when he was lot younger and it gave him wind, which he'd never suffered from. Those milks can make them constipated too, and they don't help them sleep through the night at all.
    You sister just might be lucky and have a baby who sleeps well!
    My son went through a phase when he was about 5 months old where he woke up loads in the night, so your daughter could just be going through a phase.
    Just carry on as you are and i'm sure she'll sort out her sleeping patterns.
  3. undiwear

    undiwear New commenter

    Keep doing as you are. Hungry baby formula is more likely to cause constipation in babies because the type of protein which is dominant in it is harder to digest than the regular baby formula, so it bungs them up more and as the pp says likely to ake them windy and cause tummy aches.

    You are right, babies at this age may still be hungry during the night. In fact it is normal to at least 1yo for babies to wake up through the night and need milk. Babies' brains develop the fastest that they ever will in the first year of life and responsive parenting like you are trying to do is what will make her more emotionally secure as a toddler, child and even a teenager.
  4. Thanks so much for the replies. Yes, Zoe is a big baby- 98th centile for weight and height at last weigh in, She's not a desperately hungry baby- doesn't drain feeds or anything and is responding well to the little bits of baby rice and pears we have given her (as recommended by HV to stop constipation, not yet a full on weaning programme!). It is definitely much easier to feed her and put her back to bed than to be awake half the night!
    I have been doing quite a lot of reading about attachment theory as part of my MA (yes, studying and having a new baby, I am mad!) and I feel really strongly that if I respond to her needs it will make such a difference later on. I am the first to leave a whingy baby to go off to sleep but I just can't leave her crying in the night, it seems so mean! If she's crying she must need something!
  5. undiwear

    undiwear New commenter

    I never had constipation problems with my 2 so I can't pass on any information there. I think that if you are going ot offer food at this stage only tiny amounts. TBH, I think in small amounts it may have a placebo effect for you but giving bigger amounts of these would mean substituting low calorie foods for more calorific and nutritious milk. Besides, babies take ages to eat at this age and I found weaning incredibly boring anyway. [​IMG] I went back to work when my second was 7.5 mos old and just used to put her on my lap at mealtimes and let her grab food off my plate. I did baby led weaning. My first had other ideas and refused all foods till she was 10 months old when she started to take the tiniest quantities off a spoon. At 13 months she grabbed salami off my plate and that was it!. I never did any weaning schedules.

    As for sleep, I have done some blue sky thinking on this and I wonder if mums who had to work or study would find it easier if they brought the baby's cot into their own room and put it close up to the side of their beds. When babies woke during the night, you can quickly reassure them without having to get up at all. Like bedsharing but in his own sleep space. Some cots these days are designed to have a drop down side which can accommodate being up next to the parent's bed and I've seen a video on you tube about how to attach a normal cot onto the parent bed to create this sort of sleep space. For parents who can't or don't want to co-sleep in the same bed it is a half way house kind of thing.

    I work f/t and have a 5yo and 2yo and with both having them in my room at this age got me through the early weeks and years as I found getting out of bed to parent was a killer but if I could do it without crossing the corridor it wasn't so bad at all.

  6. Yes, she just has a few spoonfuls of pear puree etc as it helps her 'go' every day, likewise a little bit of baby juice. She certainly isn't cutting down on her milk feeds or replacing milk with food!
    Unfortunately if I did this I wouldn't get any sleep at all- my LO's sleeping is very loud and I am a very light sleeper. it was a happy day for all when she went into her own room! I don't mind getting out of bed if it is after midnight. Being woken up when I have just gone to sleep is truly horrible!
  7. I htink your sister is the lucky sort whose baby sleeps well. Most probably nothing to do with stuffing her full of hungry baby milk. I agree that there's nothing wrong with what you're doing- your baby is still very young, and actually one wake up at that time isn't bad at all.
    It's annoying that people think they can tell you what to do- what works for one baby doesn't necessarily work for another! I also disagree with letting a little baby like that "cry herself to sleep"- like you say, crying is their communication and it makes me so sad to think that babies will stop crying because there is no point as no one will come [​IMG]
    I gave mine hungry baby milk in a carton as a one off just to see if it worked (at that point I was mix feeding). It didn't, and she still woke for a feed, so I didn't give it to her again! Follow on milk gave her constipation so I dread to think what hungry milk might have done if I'd kept it up. We got used to one wake up for a long time and now at 14 months she sleeps like a little angel! [​IMG] Sounds like your little one will too, soon enough! And if not, that's just the type of baby she is! My friend's baby is the same age as mine and has never slept a night through. They are tired but they've got used to it.
  8. I agree with the others - I think it is perfectly normal to have a feed in the night at that age. In fact I don't think many babies start sleeping through until food is really established. I think the night feed becomes a habit from about 6/8 months (depending on how much food they eat during the day). Mine did and we broke it by weaning off (.) and OH going in and giving her water. I do worry about this hungry baby stuff - I have heard bad things about it and it might even be another ploy by companies that make formula (like follow on milk). She sounds a happy, healthy baby who is getting the right amount of food that suits her.

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