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Feeding back on the forums

Discussion in 'Primary' started by gailrobinson, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. They left a message saying that there "was a problem at the weekend". That should answer all of your questions.
  2. I too used to recommend this site to everyone and would love to find an alternative which is similar to the old one. Don't need to quote people as I could always cut and paste before. There are so few people on line and I just don't feel like talking anymore. Please anyone can you pm me with any alternative good site.
  3. sallymgoodman

    sallymgoodman New commenter

    I found the site at the start of my NQT year and it has been a constant companion over the subsequent 3 and a bit years.

    Why change something that was so popular and worked so well?

    I think I feel bereaved!
  4. Wuzzy

    Wuzzy New commenter

    Well I did the questionnaire a couple of days ago and it wouldn't let me go!! I had to resort to closing down my internet connection - how about a button on the questionnaire to take us back to this site? Just another irritation!
  5. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    there seem to be lots of threads and users around, dozens to hundreds every day - or am I seeing a half full bottle?
  6. thehawk

    thehawk Occasional commenter

    i'm still here............................

  7. thehawk

    thehawk Occasional commenter

    I'm still here

  8. thehawk

    thehawk Occasional commenter

    then it does stupid things like tell you it has failed to post, and then it has posted.
  9. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    That's just it.... we're all only here sometimes.... before we were all here all the time!!
  10. Just as you say Kat - although probably more beneficial to us as 'real' people, it's a case of how lots of us were here all of the time, most of us are only here some of the time now!

    I really miss the people, the giggles, the news, the ideas, the excitement - I have been so inspired by the ideas and the experiences of others.

    And I am really cross that despite all the promises made on the forums, any improvements are few and far between and hardly causing any difference at all.

    If anyone has started something else, or found somewhere else (and Facebook just isn't the same), start a new thread on here and let TES see just how we have been driven away!
  11. Hi all,
    Just wanted to update you on what fixes we've been working on at this end. I know it seems like a very long time for fixes to get onto the site but we do make improvements every week, these are not all on the forums side of things though. For example we have made a batch of fixes over the past two weeks to help with the performance problems and we have also made a lot of changes to the jobs functionality.
    I know you all miss the old site and, although we can't return to that site, we are trying to bring you the functionality and speed that you had before.
    This week we're testing two fixes which I hope will make a positive difference to the way the forums run. First up we've reduced the page weight (ie the size of the pages) on the forums which should in turn make the forums faster. We've also added the option to allow you to change the background colours on threads (as you had on the old site). This should help with the 'bright whiteness' of the screen which many of you don't like. At the latest these fixes will be on the site by Monday.
    If I can answer any other specific questions please don't hesitate to email me at gail.robinson@tes.co.uk
    All the best
  12. Gail, the face book groups are growing daily. You have feedback from the people who are using the site here. It obviously was not fully tested before it was released.

    Part of the reason was to improve the jobs section and I have been looking at the jobs section and would like the old one back as the new one does not help me to find a post that I want to apply to. I am looking in the LEA sites instead as they are easier.

    A technology that is 5 years old does not always need to be thrown away- after all the wheel still works!! And schools are happily using word 2003 and have been told not to update.

    No-one needs avatars and even the pm facility. Facebook is so quick and there is instant messanger options. We don't need a slogan space under our posting- that is fancy stuff put in by techies who do not understand teachers.

    Like many others I come back every now and then to see if there is any improvement and I can't see ANY. If searching for jobs is worse and the forums are worse then this is a failed experiment. I can understand that the old site will not come back as that would be too much loss of face, but whoever is in charge of this development has not done their market research and left teachers doubting the reliability and efficiency of the TES.
  13. Hear hear tiredteacher!

    I agree with your every word.

    "Change for change's sake" seems to be the only reason for messing around with something enjoyed and used by a large number of school staff.

    The new site is a poor imitation of the old and they can't bring themselves to acknowledge this..........
  14. Wuzzy

    Wuzzy New commenter

    Well I've come back in the hope that the site will be easier to navigate etc. but it's just as slow and difficult - please please give us back the functionality of the old site - I miss being able to wander about the threads, picking up useful tips, having a good laugh at some of the posts etc. Now it's no fun and as someone who is still at a relatively early stage of their career I really feel that I am missing out on all that valuable advice that used to be of so much help.
  15. "I know you all miss the old site and, although we can't return to that
    site, we are trying to bring you the functionality and speed that you
    had before......"
    The functionality and the speed? The functionality and speed???!!!
    It's not the functionality and the speed I miss - it is the PEOPLE! And the threads and the having some fun and the wealth of knowledge that has now gone I don't know where.
    And being able to post asking for help about anything, at really short notice and gettig several helpful, pertinent and supportive replies within an hour.
    <u>That's what I mean by functionality and speed!!</u>
  16. You know what this site needs? More features. Definitely more features. More features will help.
  17. Kathemy

    Kathemy New commenter

    I too hardly come on here anymore. I am bitterly disappointed that the promises made by Gail on 22nd September have not been kept. I quote:

    We're still working on the following:

    We hope to have improvements in place for these areas over the next two weeks.

    Best wishes

    So Gail, two weeks turns into a month, which turns into .... what? 6 months? A Year? and still these areas are waiting to be changed.

    We all accept we will not be able to return to our old site, however you have spectacularly managed to murder a site which ALL teachers found useful, easy to use, navigate and in particular 'easy on the eye'. Now you have a little used, gimmicky, slow, site which must be an embarrassment to all those who have a passion for supporting and encouraging those in the teaching profession.

    What and where was the market research done that supported those who wanted to make these serious mistakes? Who was involved in the trials before launch? Were they actually teachers?

    As another poster has said, so what if it was several years old? Thank goodness those who made these decsions are not in the medical field, or we would all be killed off long before our natural end had come.

    Please give us specific details of what and when changes will be made that we will notice on the site, rather than the 'behind the scene' changes which although are probably needed, they are doing nothing to alleviate the frustration and annoyance the current site not only has generated but is continuing to generate.

  18. Kathemy

    Kathemy New commenter

    What happened to all the paragraphs I put in the last post? Is this another gremlin that happens or was it something I didn't do? As a trained typist I am yet further disappointed when I do manage to log on and express an opinion it is not set out as it appeared when I was typing it.
  19. My conundrum: If I taught everyone how to type their messages in with pure HTML without all of the useless formatting javascript buttons, then fewer people would click on the ads on my website. But there's a clue!
  20. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    I was one of those who tested the new site and i had my complaints - but the trial was pointless as it didnt link to the site - there were only a few old threads in the test, so you couldnt use the trial version as the real version - you werent going to post on old threads, you couldnt see new threads etc so to be honest i dont think we realised how bad it was actually going to be.

    So many of the features you couldnt trial - so to be fair to TES, they probably didnt get that bad a feedback - it was only when it went live and everyone was using it that they would have reailsed how far off the mark it is.

    It just annoys me. I cant be bothered to click on threads randomly as it takes so so long - so responses that i may have made before - im not doing it. The people have definitely gone... for the majority of the time.

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