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Feeding back on the forums

Discussion in 'Primary' started by gailrobinson, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. We've been busy working on fixing the problems you're experiencing with the forums. To make sure we get it right this time we'd value your feedback on some of the specific problem areas. Please take the time out to fill in this questionnaire at the following link

    I also wanted to update you on the progress we're making:
    On Wednesday we have an update to the site which will fix the following:

    The log in/log out issue
    Your journey will now continue where you left off when you log in
    Registration problems

    We're still working on the following:

    We hope to have improvements in place for these areas over the next two weeks.

    Best wishes
  2. Thanks have done the survey:)
  3. Completed!
  4. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    Me too! :eek:)
  5. Sorted! Fingers crossed that we all want the same things!
  6. EBD35

    EBD35 Occasional commenter

    DONE ;o)

  7. All Done : )
  8. Done. let's hope this works!!!
  9. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    Done ....holding breath now.....
  10. Done my bit too
  11. All done!
  12. Done!

    But forgot to mention that when clicking on a link I would like it to open in a new window, rather than, in the current window as now and thus chucking me out of TES.
  13. ooh good point - I forgot that one too! So many that's the problem!
  14. shelleymccuk

    shelleymccuk New commenter

    Yes, I forgot about that too.

    To reply to this post I had to go back to Primary and click to create a new topic before it would accept my login. I then had to login, come out of the new post screen, go back to Primary and navigate to this post to reply.....
  15. I feel so lucky I don't have issues like that, how frustrating.
  16. MarilynDan

    MarilynDan New commenter

    Thank you for the opportunity to feed back via the survey.

    I'd just like it to load the pages quicker instead of dead slow.
  17. Done - and thanks for listening.
  18. Hiya all,

    Many thanks to all of you for feeding back. We're analysing the results now and I'll feed this back to you so you can see what everybody else is saying.

    As for choccat's point about opening links in a new window - it's definitely on the To Do list.


  19. I started filling it in, but as I've only recently started using the forums I couldn't compare the new and the old so left it.
    My only real issue with this site is the navigation. It seems overly complicated. I just want to be able to click on community then have a choice of forums down the side. I always find I have to go a long way round to get to where I want to be.


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