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Feedback on Interview Acitivty

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Nicola120785, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Nicola120785

    Nicola120785 New commenter

    Hi everyone!
    Was hoping for some feedback on my interview activity plan! Any thoughts would be very much appreciated. I have been asked to do a 15 min, speaking and listening activity with 4 LA boys in year 1. It needs to promote using language and motivate them to write after the session.
    I have decided to use my puppet 'Croaky the crow' and explain that he has never lived in a house before, and is going to live with a family. The problem is that he is unsure about many of the objects in the house, he's never seen them before! I am going to take in objects from around the house which the children will be familiar with such as remote control, tea bag, cup, fork etc. Children will choose an object, tell croaky what it is, what it is used for or does and where in the house it goes.
    Writing activity (which they will not be doing) would be to choose another object they can think of in the house, write the name of it, write a sentence about what it is used for or does and where in the house it is found and draw a picture of it, in order to help Croaky my puppet.
    Objective: To speak clearly, fluently and confidently to different people (NC) Talk in ways that are audiabe and intelligible to familiar others (APP)
    I also decided to look at EYFS goals, as the children are LA and link it to them in my plan.
    To use talk to organise, sequence and clarify thinking, ideas, feelings and events (EYFS)

    I would love some constructive feedback :)
    Thanks in advance
  2. It doesn't sound very inspiring, to be honest.
    Does it have to be household objects? Could you not link it to a topic that would interest boys? Space? Dinosaurs? Insects?
  3. Nicola120785

    Nicola120785 New commenter

    Thanks for reply,
    Ok... having a good think about it. Dont have enough time to buy things for it, so was trying hard to think of things I would already have. Hmmmm..
    Will have a good think.
    Any other ideas would be appreciated.. ahhh, hate interviews! :(
  4. I'd use something that would really inspire them and link to their own interests e.g. 'Deadly 60' trading cards or similar. This could easily lead onto describing a 'deadly creature'.
  5. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    Do you have access to IWB?
    A great activity I've used with year 1 is
    It's a thru the keyhole activity spying on the giant's castle from Jacka nd the Beanstalk - you look around the room through a small keyhole shape spotting different things. I've done it with sound effects playing too eg wind, money clinking, hen clucking....
    Lots of opportunities for language development either describing what they see or guessing who's house it is.

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