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Feedback form targets

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by djaye14, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have currently been accepted on a course for PGCE and have recieved my feedback form in the post of what I didn't do so well during the interview process that I need to improve on by the time I start my course. I shall be having an induction day in June/July time and I have to tell my tutor by then how I have met these targets. I will also probably take in proof for each just to show what I have done.
    I have some maths topics and work experience targets to meet, which are easy to achieve. But there is one on there that came back from my english test, "Have a better choice of vocabulary." I am currently in the final year of my english literature degree and obviously I am surrounded by books and constantly writing. However I have always struggled with my choice of words, my range of vocab isnt that big!!
    I was thinking of maybe reading more types of literature other than books or poems, I also have a book that my lecturer has written which explains different techniques of how to write. We also have a writing fellow at our uni but its impossible to see her as you have to book a year in advance!! I was also thinking of practicing these with the TDA skills tests online (which is what we basically got for the task in the interview). But how can I prove that I have attained these? What evidence can I give? Obviously it doesnt state that I have to take in evidence... but I would like to look professional!!
    Has anyone got any other ideas of how I could achieve this objective, and be able to show proof/some sort of evidence?

  2. EcoLady

    EcoLady New commenter

    Could you create a resource that would encourage your future pupils to expand their own vocabularies? I've seen many primary classrooms with displays showing alternatives for "said", "big" or "walked" for example - can you come up with something suitable for your target age group? In doing this, it might help your own vocab.
    One of my first bits of feedback on placement was that I had to stop saying that every single comment or bit of work was "fantastic!". I made myself a graded list, ranging from "that's interesting" to "stupendous!".
  3. Hi EcoLady,
    Yes - actually that sounds a great idea! I am doing Primary Education so would probably work out useful not only for myself but for the students I teach, too :)
    Basically in the interview we were given a past TDA skills paper, and at the bottom it says "give a reason why you chose this answer"... and I think that's where they've picked up my poor use of vocabulary! Oh, and obv the comprehension bit aswell!
    Won't be doing my targets yet (have a degree to complete first!) but once that's done I will definitely try your idea!
    Thanks a lot!
  4. I got one from my interview - I need to do some work on percentages (surprised that was all actually!!!) for maths, and work on "interpreting what you have read" and "giving reasons for your answer". I also have to show an understanding of the curriculum, and continue to keep up to speed with educational issues.
    Should be OK with that, but just not sure on the interpreting what I have read - how do I show I have worked on that!! Maybe do some comprehension tests or something!
    In my test at interview, I changed my answer a couple of times, so that's perhaps why they need me to be clearer!!!
    Sam xx
  5. Sam.... werent you at ARU too? :) Think I remember speaking to you.
    Ohhh right.... I've got it mixed up!! "Interpreting what you have read" and "giving reasons for your answer" sounds like what I was trying to explain lol :s That's what I though mine meant! Obv its not lol. That means you didnt do so well on the comprehension part, where you had to give a reason! What I'd suggest is perhaps reading some passages and doing a close reading of them?? That's pretty simple and would give you awesome practice!
    Mines broadening my vocab, so I'm gonna do what Ecolady suggested once my unis stuffs done :)
    I think everyones got educational issues... I got that one too! I will probably just keep reading the BBC articles/TES.
    For the maths ones I have (I have 2-3 different areas), I'm just going to go on GCSE Bitesize and do exam papers and take them in :) x
  6. Yes, I am ARU :) Peterborough.
  7. Ahh right I'm in Chelmsford. :)
    We set up a Facebook group online for Chelmsford and pboro, but I'm sure you pboro guys will start your own, if you haven't already! x

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