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Discussion in 'Primary' started by rainbow56, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. My childs school are linking with another primary school in a federation. I can't see many advantages myself and those the school are promising will they happen? If you have any advice in this area I would love to know. Pro's or con's. Thanks
  2. I am not sure if you are asking about federation purely from a parent's perspective or also as a staff member.
    I work in a small primary school that has just federated with a similar school in a neighbouring village. Our head is now Executive Head of both schools. The staff of my school were all positive about the proposed federation and the potential advantages appeared to outweigh any potential disadvantages - combined trips and events, possible staff exchanges/sharing, shared planning etc etc. I do not know if the other school felt the same but they had the added problem of their own head having left and being unable to appoint a new one. As a staff, our overriding concern was that if we did not federate by choice, having some control over our choice of partner, we were in danger of having a decision forced upon us at a later date, particularly as both schools are small and could be in danger of closure if numbers fell.
    What we were unaware of (although somebody must have been!) was the fact that the other school was in quite a bad way both from a standards and financial point of view. Consequently we have hardly seen "our" head since federation as our partner is having to receive an enormous amount of support from County. Of course, this will no doubt eventually be resolved but has caused a lot of mutterings in the staff room, although I don't think the parents as yet have noticed anything amiss! I have visions of our standards slipping as the other school improves.
    As a parent, I would find out as much as I could about the proposed partner school. If they already have a good track record, things should be easier. There should be a period of consultation when parents' opinions are heard but if the ball is already rolling, I am not sure if it can be stopped.
    I'm sorry if I sound rather disillusioned with it all, but am sure there must be plenty of successful partnerships out there. Hopefully one will post a reply to you!
    Good luck!

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