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Fed up of teaching 'Of Mice and Men'

Discussion in 'English' started by gruoch, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    'To Kill A Mockingbird'
    'The Old Man and the Sea'
    'Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry'
    All American. All on someone's GCSE syllabus.
  2. hardbastard

    hardbastard New commenter

    Yeah, Of Mice and Men is head-doing. It's only on the syllabus every year because it's short, easy and boys tend to particularly like it, partially because it has a decent fight half way through.
  3. Absolutely. I'm teaching TKAM this year. Much, much better. I'll only do OMAM again if I have a group of bottom-set boys who like being allowed to say *******.
  4. Not sure if it's on your syllabus, but Lord of the Flies is also very good. It's not difficult to read, but there's a lot you can get from it. A bit lengthy for a lower set though.
  5. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    I rather think that OMaM is being taught as 'another culture' text, so LotF's no good.
  6. Anita and Me and Chanda's Secrets are both on the Lit syllabus and are great texts. As a WJEC marker I would love to see these books more often. Over the last five years or so OMAM has become so ridiculously popular that there have been years when I've had nothing else to mark. It's a good book and easy to teach, but other texts are available!
  7. anon8315

    anon8315 Established commenter

    Your last sentence sums up how I feel. I do like TKAM very much but I can't honestly say that my class would, unfortunately: it is a top set, but not many A*s or even As in there sadly.
    I only have money in the department budget for one set of texts so which one would you reccommend figgins, Anita and Me or Chandra's Secrets? I'm quite inclined to go with Anita and Me as Anita is my lovely mum's name but that probably isn't a good reason, is it!
  8. 'Anita and Me' is marvellous - I'm teaching it to my top set Yr 11s and they seem to be loving it. We've had hoots of laughter and tears - sometimes in the same lesson. Only thing I would say is it's quite a long text, esp compared to OMAM. Am happy to share resources (although I won't put them in the resources area on TES because I've had my stuff passed off as someone else's before.)

    Drop me aPM if you're interested.
  9. Badger Girl I think Anita and me would be a good choice since it's been on the syllabus for a while now and had time to settle down. Chanda's Secrets could be a difficult one since the subject of Aids in Africa, child abuse, poverty, superstition would need to be handled very sensitively to avoid a whole raft of stereotyping. Anita and me takes things head on, is funny and tragic - a great book.

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