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Fed up of being an NVQ Assessor and a teacher- hard to do both

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by youngjen84, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Hello
    I am a new(ish!) teacher who qualified as an NVQ assessor last year so our dept could offer a new course. One person from the team was selected to do this and my HOD made me do it. I was happy on the basis that i was told "it is no real extra work" above and beyond your normal duties. HA! How I was fooled! as i sit assessing candidates' work on another supposed half-term break I am feeling very down about the whole responsbility and lack of extra pay/recognition for it. The whole thing is that the students' work is not supposed to leave the school unless it has been checked by me, signed off and is 100% fully correct. I have had no extra time on the timetable for this and I subsequently have 3 sets of classes' work to assess as well as teach a full timetable! Now we have had a whole batch of work come back unaccepted by the external assessors because it hadn't been processed properly because admittedly, i do not have the time to go through it with the fine toothcomb required....i feel i am struggling with this, my HOD does not seem to care so much; i have told her and she tells me not to worry and if anything goes wrong with the NVQ's then it's on her head not mine (this is little comfort to a perfectionist like myself!) I feel I am leading my 2 colleagues in delivering this NVQ, i take piles of work home every week to assess and i undertook the qualification and achieved the result myself shouldnt i be getting more reward and recognition for this?! I dont know how to approach this as i said, i'm in only my 3rd year and while i am grateful for the string to my CV-Bow, i feel like this is all getting on top of me now and i NEED some sort of payback for all the hard work i am doing which i feel is now above and beyond normal teaching.
    any advice on what to do next? sorry for lack of punctuation/spelling errors, it's late and i'm tired!
    thanks again

  2. sorry, i should have made it clearer, the whole post is asking "is this role eligible for a TLR?" or any sort of extra recognition in your view?
  3. It sounds like you are being put upon. I would ask to speak to your HOD and tell them that you need to discuss workload issues urgently. Ask for a time and date before walking away. Prep yourself before the meeting and I'd also put your issues in writing and give them to him/her at the meeting. You must ask for scheduled time off - give them a log of hours that this takes each week. If you are willing to accept overtime pay give them that as an option. If you get no answer or resolution have another letter ready resigning from the NVQ unofficial post as of (give a weeks' notice) & copy to Head. I don't think this satisfies criteria for TLR because it isn't linked to a whole school middle leadership role.
  4. We have teachers at my school who are internal assessors for their department, for no extra pay. It is seen as the teacher's job to mark the work of their own students. You need to get your colleagues who also teach the course to take a proper responsibility for their students work and not dump it on you. If each member of staff went over their own work with a fine tooth comb, then you would just be 'checking'. There are always glitches in the first year, once you know what the examiner is looking for, you'll get much quicker.

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