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February 14th Deadline

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Cherrie163, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    On GTTR it says that February the 14th is the deadline for ITT providers to make decisions on applications that have received before the 1st of December. Do you think this will still be the case? xxx
  2. Hi Everyone,

    On GTTR it says that February the 14th is the deadline for ITT providers to make decisions on applications that have received before the 1st of December. Do you think this will still be the case? xxx
  3. mypseudonym

    mypseudonym New commenter

    I hope so.

    But I really don't trust anything the TDA, GTTR or any of them say anymore.

    When I applied the GTTR website said providers had until 19th Janurary...then they changed it without any information being sent to applicatns.

    My first choice had haf my application since October 13th. It's appalling that it has taken this long. And now that my first choice has had their places slashed the chances of me getting in are slim! then the chances of any of my subsequent choices having any places left will be absolutely zilch!

    Awful process. They should all be ashamed.
  4. I agree, I do think that this year has been a bit of a shambles, although I don't think it's the ITT providers fault. The government have a lot to answer for. xxx
  5. I agree the Gov is to blame, the ITT providers were playing a waiting game like us. It is now up to them to let us know now though!
  6. I'm worried about this deadline.

    If the provider hasn't reached a decision by then (due to not knowing funding or another reason) will GTTR just record it as unsuccessful and pass it on to the next provider?

  7. Says this on the website

    'Training providers have a maximum of 56 days from the date of receiving
    your application to tell us whether or not they are offering you a
    place. If we have not received a final decision from training providers
    by the end of this time period, we will record an unsuccessful decision.'

    But hopefully this year it doesn't count because of getting the numbers late from the TDA.

    Has anyone spoken to the GTTR about this deadline?
  8. I haven't spoken to them but they processed my application at the end of october so I have passed the 56 days, I haven't been recorded as an unsuccessful decision (as far as I'm aware anyway).

  9. All providers know the exact number of places now so we should hear (either way!) by the end of the week I am guessing. So I imagine they will do it before this deadine. My second choice now has no vacancies so for a lot of people first choice is the only choice! Hoping everyone hears soon...I am hating waiting!
  10. The provider that currently has my application has had it for over 80 days and nothing has been changed on GTTR but I was invited for interview.
    In the welcome guide it says that a provider has until the 19th January to make a decision on whether the application is unsuccessful or if you will be invited for interview (if it was sent to GTTR before 1st December or within 28 days if it was subbmitted after 1st December), if this time lapses you are then able to contact the university to ask what the status of your application is, giving time to follow up on misplaced applications etc before GTTR automatically send it to your next choice.
    If you are invited for interview there seems to be no guidance on how long the provider is able to consider you for before making a decision either way but when course numbers are still being processed I suppose it could be anyone's guess! [​IMG]

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