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Feature wallpaper

Discussion in 'Personal' started by daffodilval, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. Thanks
    The room is quite big and has a natural stone chimney breast and surround, I was thinking of putting up the feature paper each side the chimney breast, so it wont be too over powering, most of the DIY shops have big, gory flowery paper, reds etc, I'm still waiting for one to jump out at me, I haven't really seen anything I like yet.

  2. moonpenny

    moonpenny Occasional commenter

    That shouldn't be too hard to do.if I were you,I would tear off a really large sample and leave it on the wall for a few days. In fact if you keep going back and adding a strip, you'll end up with a free make over...
  3. Haha, loving it moonpenny.

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