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FE Teaching / Admin hours

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by dean77, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. dean77

    dean77 New commenter

    Hi. I'm working in a central London specialised FE college. Fairly new to FE as I came from secondary. My teaching timetable is increasingly becoming unbearable as more and more workload is being put onto us... There is literally no time to do it all. Teachers are required to be teaching in the classroom 9am - 5pm ( 2 x 3.5 lessons) per day, with 1 full non-teaching day for admin. That's 28 teaching hours per week and 7 admin/prep. Does this sound about right?

    My main confusion is that there's literally no time in a day to check/action emails, do admin...Unless you stay late to work through you emails/student issues. When it gets to the 1 day per week non-teaching, it is spent chasing student attendance (we have a form group and are responsible for all attendance), and trying to play catch up. Literally no marking or lesson planning can happen, unless it's done after work or at weekends.

    Are any other FE colleges like this.... is this the norm?
    Thanks in advance
  2. timedout

    timedout New commenter

    Your hours seem excessive. Where I worked (until a week ago) a full time contract was 35 hours on site and a maximum of 23 hours class contact. The amount of admin and the pastoral issues made that model difficult enough to manage, I don't know how you can be expected to deal with yours in 7 hours. If you have a look at the HSE website, under 'stress at work' you will find some useful information on what your organisation should be doing to support you. You must look after your health and, whilst nobody wants to be a trouble-maker, your employer has a duty of care to you and should not be giving you a clearly unmanageable workload. I know its a bit random, but my advice, if you're still quite young, would be to go into HR. If you can't beat them, join them. It is well-paid and there are plenty of jobs about.
  3. phatsals

    phatsals Established commenter

    Unfortunately in FE you aren't protected by STPCD, it's a free for all. There are no rules in terms of contact and non contact hours, each FE institution has it's own rules. FWIW, I'd get out now.

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