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FE Pay per hour - am I being naive?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by robyn147, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. I have seen some adverts for part time variable hours tutors at £16 - £18 per hour. I presume that is essentially the pay you get for the teaching hours - any work you do outside of those hours does not count. Correct?
    I have to say I'm shocked but not too surprised from what I've read on here. I earn £25 an hour doing 1-1 in schools. How can they justify such a salary? I was talking to an adult I tutor tonight and she was saying that when she did an adult education course, they could not get the staff for it. I'm not surprised.

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I have seen some adverts for part time variable hours tutors at £16 - £18 per hour. I presume that is essentially the pay you get for the teaching hours - any work you do outside of those hours does not count. Correct?
    I have to say I'm shocked but not too surprised from what I've read on here. I earn £25 an hour doing 1-1 in schools. How can they justify such a salary? I was talking to an adult I tutor tonight and she was saying that when she did an adult education course, they could not get the staff for it. I'm not surprised.

  3. I believe FE colleges are free to set their own pay-scales, unlike secondary schools. It's definitely not £16-18ph where I work, however saying that, it depends upon what level you teach. Ironically, teaching L1 courses (which in my opinion are much more hard-work with firefighting and designing engrossing activities) attracts a lower hourly wage than teaching A-Levels...And yes,any marking/planning attributed to the class will be included in that pay.
    For this reason I would not recommend getting into casual hourly teaching unless there really is no other option.
  4. That's very low pay. My Adult Ed college pays just over £23 but as you say, everything you do outside class is on your own dime. That's rather expected with sessional pay. £16 is closer to what we get paid for non contact time such as attending some meetings.
  5. It is hard to believe but when I was last a part-time sessional tutor in 1992, I got £20 per contact hour . That was the standard rate then in the heady 'silver book' days for FE teachers for A Level teaching.
    Twenty years ago! It certainly makes you think......................
  6. It seems to me that at the moment, not only are more and more post-16 providers going down the route of only offering sessional, hourly paid work instead of permanent contracts, but also the hourly rate is going down, putting more and more pressure on the tutors.
    I currently teach Adult Numeracy for Community Learning at £22.16 per hour and work as a One to One Tutor in a school at £25 per hour.
    Living in a rural area I expect to have to travel for work, but the FE colleges are well spread out, and some are just too far to travel to on a daily basis. One of those is currently advertising for a variable hours lecturer at £18.38 an hour and I have just seen an advert for a charity looking for tutors at £15.38 an hour!
    I love the teaching I do and would be happy to continue doing it, but I have worked out that I am teaching 27 contact hours a week, including an evening session (without the prep and marking time) and am still earning less than an NQT, little more than I received as a Teaching and Learning Assistant in an FE college on 30 hours a week.
    I have asked the IfL to look into this situation as I know that I am not alone - I seriously considered getting a job as an administrator or even a cleaner - I could probably earn more with a lot less hassle - but I shall continue to fight! I applied for one of the three permanent posts I saw last year and there were so many highly qualified applicants for the job that they had to spread the interviews over two weeks. That would have involved a 60 mile round trip daily, as well as the travel required within the job.
    The trouble is that there are so few permanent jobs, particularly in Skills for Life, Key Skills, Functional Skills (and I teach English, Maths and ICT) that tutors are having to take lower and lower wages if they want to get a job.
  7. I can't agree more. Everyone from the Governement, the providers, the employers to the learners themselves says how important it is to get qualifications in English and maths.
    I am an English graduate on my third career. I love teaching and have trained so that I can also teach maths, as there are fewer people who can or are prepared to teach maths.
    I know that I do a good job, have good teaching observations and get most of my learners through their tests first time round. My learners tell me that they like my teaching style, I add in general learning as well as the specific requirements of the course and use and disseminate my experience as a small business owner, mother and other life experiences.
    I am the main income earner in my family with two teenaged children. With the recent furore over benefits being capped at £26,000 per year, I felt that perhaps I should join those on benefits. For all the hard and good work I do, I shall earn less than £20,000 this year for 27 hours a week contact time, plus travel, preparation and marking and no pay at all during holiday periods, unless I can get supply work at the prison which is a 100 mile round trip. I still need to have a break - teaching is tiring, so I cannot offer to do the supply work except during the summer break.
    I would just like to be valued enough to be paid a decent wage - I am still earning considerably less than I was 17 1/2 years ago when I left work to start a family.
  8. As a long time observer on these forums, today I feel compelled to post
    because I am still in shock over the hourly rate I was offered today to teach 3 days a week for a Training Provider.
    The company concerned is a very big organisation, very involved with training and the welfare to work sector.. hold lots of government contracts etc.
    Having been an hourly paid/visiting lecturer in the FE sector for some 6 years, I have fallen foul of the cuts made in most FE collegesand have been struggling to get hours. this organisation contacted me (Ihave a friend who works for them) and have offered me some work however due to 'financial restraints' they are unable to employ me directly & I have to sign up with an agency that they use (this would appear to be a local arrangement).
    I met with the Agency today to be informed that the hourly rate would be £9.25 an hour, that all tutors/assessors they employed were paid this whether they had PTTLS, CTTLS or whatever.
    This would be a solo position with complete responsibility for course content, management, deliver & assessment

    Now, I know that a job is a job in this climate etc, etc... but just how far do I have to compromise my principles? That rate is just wrong and an insult to any of us.
  9. That is absolutely shocking! When I moved into hourly paid work I decided that I would not work for less than £20 an hour and have been horrified to see how the rates have dropped. I would definitely not compromise myself to work for that amount and if everyone else refused to do so, then perhaps they would be forced to pay a realistic wage.
    I am just gathering together evidence at the moment to take to my MP - I am so fed up of jumping through hoops to find that there are further ones put in front of me and I still cannot earn a decent wage. I don't know if he will be able to do anything, but it is about time this terrible situation is highlighted - we'll be on minimum wage next!
  10. You can tell from the IfL's reply that you are not going to get any joy from them. The fact is that the IfL's remit is to raise the professional status of FE staff and leave terms and conditions to the unions. You may think that professional status might have something to do with terms and conditions but I'm afraid you would be quite wrong in assuming thus. In the curious world of FE, rates of pay appear not to have anything to do with professionalism at all.
    On the other hand, when you are filling in your CPD declaration, you can take comfort from the fact that the IfL is labouring night and day to raise your professional status.
    It may be more fruitful to write direct to the FE minister outlining the difficulties you have in making ends meet as a sessional teacher. He's quite busy at the moment, overseeing a review of, funnily enough, professionalism in FE. You could copy in the chairman of the review too - why not? But you can be sure that the IfL's voice on "these issues" is very, very quiet indeed.
  11. Hello all,

    Reading this thread, I would like to say that I agree that pay for Functional Skills/Skills for Life tutors in the private sector is woefully inadequate.
    I have DTLLS, QTLS and a Literacy specialism. I work part-time and am paid less than £9.00 an hour. I am also required to teach Functional Skills to disaffected young people under the age of 16.
    Unfortunately, there are very few opportunities in my area at the moment but I am constantly looking for alternative posts or maybe getting out completely.

  12. Shocking! I really wonder what the point of the 'professionalism' debate is when this sort of thing is going on. I hope you will be able to find somewhere else soon.
  13. That is one superb IfL fob-off there Hilary.
    "... I'm sure we are well aware of these issues, but we have a long way to go in making our voice heard in this."
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know, we know... We'll get right on that."

    For being "so aware of these issues" Hilary, what progress have the IfL actually made in this area with regards to permanent employment in the FE sector? What specifics can actually be attributed to them? As far as I'm aware, absolutely nothing. Nor do we have the pleasure of voting for someone within the IfL who WOULD champion this cause... given their current structure.
  14. I work as a sessional / varible hours tutor at a FE college. I hold PTTLS, DTTLS and A1 Assessor qaulifications and my hourly rate is £19.74. The hourly rate takes into account all my contact hours and in theory holiday pay and all the preperation / marking I have to do at home as sessional tutors do not get any admin time. The hourly rate looks good on paper but when you tot up the amount of time marking projects, preping lessons, writing letters to learners who do not turn up, phoning learners for the same reason, writing reports, keeping all your tracking upto date, lesson plans etc all in your own time. If I broke down the amount of hours I spent carrying all this out I'm sure it would only equate to about £10 per hour. But fulltime posts in my area with my subject speacilism are hard to come by.
  15. I have worked in FE for 25 years. When I first started I was on £19 ph as a permanent hourly paid part timer. I got made redundant after 6 years when a new principal decided he only wanted to employ full time staff. When they realised this wouldn't work we were re-employed via an agency on £14 ph- for Level 3 and 4 work. Any Level 1 or below was £10 ph. In the last 14 years we have had numerous pay rises and are now on, wait for it, £14.96 ph!!!! When we were first employed on the agency there was no sick pay, holiday pay or maternity pay and no opportunity to pay into a pension. That has now changed - 9% of the hourly rate is now classed as holiday pay - not that the hourlt rate went up to cover it! Last year my personal circumstances changed and I got out of FE and into Adult Community Learning. Much better. I am salaried and get paid to do my admin, lesson planning, staff training and attending meetings.
  16. I am new to FE and am always wound up by the hourly rates offered and then feel bad for chasing payment for a half hour meeting (paid at 50% of teaching rate if developmental ! and they are paying this less and less and meetings are rare anyway !) .. I also teach for an local council Adult Ed dept .. and teach ESOL. The hourly rates do vary but both include pension payments, prep and planning as well as marking and other admin and it would seem appraisal and obs feedback time and anything else they can throw in ! Both rates are now reasonable (£29 and £26 give or take a few pence) .. the FE college rate includes (they say) a 40% mark up for all the other stuff .. but they used to be good at paying for appraisal time etc. We do get paid for training ther though whereas at the Adult Ed place we have to do it all out of the goodness of our hearts .. even when they bring in new quals to work towards with learners that we have no clue about .. in order to do the job we are there for we have to use our own time to train to do it !! ..
    I have realised I can only realistically teach about 16hrs a week .. I have done a few more but found it too stressful. I am single without children fortunately but support myself .. and it's a struggle with a mortgage etc. It seems to me that they expect all sessional teachers to be married with a husband (as that is usually the case in SfL!) to support them .. while they earn a bit of pin money !!
    Last Autumn because of the funding change wishywashiness we didnt enrol as many learners so I was very down on my hours .. I found work with another college but had to be paid through an agency .. the rate was about £26/hr which was okay (compared to others) but it was further away and the classes were in outreach where there were no photocopying faciliites so I had to go in to the main college especially so I could do photocopying and take my timesheet in. The agency didnt pay into the TPS either.
    I am fairly fortunate that there are several colleges fairly near where I live in West London .. and two providers do have work for me usually .. but around this time each year I think of looking (and do!) for a normal job where I can come home and have my time to myself !!! and which I might be able to pick up perhaps one class in the evening to give me the buzz I enjoy about teaching .. so I have less stress and a decent salary !! But so far I havent managed it !
    Incidentally I got some work at a language school last summer .. teaching 3hrs a day all week and was paid £14/hr .. there was very little paper work and they used coursebooks which made the whole thing much easier anyway !! .. will probably do that again this year as the summer without any pay is not at all easy !!
    I think the IfL is a complete waste of space!!
  17. I get paid this, to include marking assignments for about 25 students, chasing non-submission, answering queries outside of class, remarking amendments from, say, 20 of the students, then remarking again until they pass - all included in the princely sum of £16.40 per hour gross via the agency the college deals with (exclusively), which receives a greater proportion of the fee than I do.
  18. I am 47 years old, and hold QTS from Brighton University.
    I have always wanted to work in FE teaching Art on a foundation course, and after many years find myself doing just that.
    I am the only one in our team working as a sessional hourly worker, but have the same responsibilities as the rest of the team.
    I am told that 40% of the college staff are like me on an hourly rate from an agency.
    My hourly rate is £16.32. There is a very small percentage for holiday pay. We have to attend one meeting a term for NO PAY as part of the contract. All subsequent meetings are paid at the rate of £6.08 ph.
    There is no retention fee for helping you to eat over holidays, and bank holidays when you get nothing. I actually work about 18 hrs a week rendering my pay to about £8 ph.
    I pay at least £25 in diesel a week getting back and forth doing half days instead of whole days. Meetings as ALWAYS on a day when I am not usually in, once a month, and that means taking most of the day off to attend with either no pay or on the £6 ph rate which barely covers the cost of traveling there and certainly does not reflect my valuable time.
    I find it hard to think that I spent six years training in further and higher education to be on such **** terms.
    Ifl are a joke. They cite on their website on the page which tells you what you get for joining, some rubbish about CPD.
    At my college I am NEVER invited to attend staff training. If I do want to go I have been told I can apply to attend and go, but will not be paid. I asked Ifl what they could do about this, and whether they might try and help negotiate better terms for staff training, as it is obviously important for me to do my job well and keep up with full time staff. The guy I talked to basically said that they did not get involved. So I asked him what they meant then by helping staff development. It came down to encouraging me to go out and make paintings so as that kept me better informed as to how to teach art. But I do that anyway, I am a painter. What a load of utter CR**p
    It is stressful and responsible work for the general take home of around £120 per week and that is when there are no holidays.
    People in my position have no voice, no union it seems or no representation. And the full timers are talking about strike action over pensions, when I can't even affort a pension.
    It makes me really angry, and that is not good.
    Oh and I was inspected by ofted last year and got a Grade 1.
    I want better conditions but will never get it unless I move to another college or another agency, and FE foundation courses in Art are thin on the ground.

  19. I also work as a sessional tutor, employed via an agency at an FE college to teach ICT part time at L2 and L3. I have a PGCE and my hourly rate is less than £18 per hour. All teachers in the department regularly have to learn new software / programming languages etc. in order to teach them and I am in the same position. If I were to add up all the hours I have spent learning new topics, preparing lessons, marking and re-marking student work and, oh, yeah, teaching, I doubt if I am earning much more than £4.50 per hour. It is a sick joke.
    Never mind pensions. It is the 100s of unpaid hours that teachers are unquestioningly expected to work that is the real elephant in the room.
    IfL? Waste of time. I paid for membership at the end of January in order to apply for QTLS. Less than a week later, they were asking for another payment to renew my membership because it runs from end of March to end of March! A complete con.
  20. you are responsible for the situation
    Not True
    there was over 3 mil unemployed or under employed in the UK last year,2011
    for the first time the number of unemployed or underemployed reached over 1 billion world wide last year, 2011
    It is going to get worse - read The End of Work ....

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