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FE Job interview - 10min mini lesson.

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by slightlymad, May 19, 2006.

  1. 2 mins aims and objectives
    three mins on finding out what they already know and make into a mind map on board.
    then 3 mins on a task say reading on it or doing it
    o somthing. what your main subject?

    then 2 mins reviewing how it went
  2. thanxs mrs shakespeare, my subject is history, but do you have any idea if at an interview they ask you to participate in a 20 min written exercise what exactly are they loooking for?
  3. Hello,

    Now I'm no expert, but I think the overall objective is to condense all the elements of a full lesson into ten minutes. I guess they want to gauge if you can actually construct and get across an idea within a structured framework.

    Use some ICT, perhaps some really interesting Power Points.

    I'd pick a simple topic such as Harold getting an arrow in his eye...

    Set out your aims & objectives.

    Find out what they know (they should be able to get the relevant date, the enemy, the colour of his socks etc). Write this on the whiteboard.

    Expand on this for a couple of minutes, give them some simple facts to learn.

    Provide a handout with information and a simple task such as a very easy word search containing the facts you?ve taught. Make sure you tell them to work as a team.

    Review the key points.

    Set some homework ? research using either the internet or library ?Did Harold really get hit in the eye?, tell them they have to do a short presentation next week.

    Ask them if they have any questions.

    Send them for break.

    For goodness sake be yourself, it?s much easier to pretend to be you than somebody else :)
  4. Hi have you looked at TES resources ? Everything you need is there.
    Mrs K

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