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FE Job interview - 10min mini lesson.

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by slightlymad, May 19, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I have an interview next week for a lecturing post in a local college. Part if the interview will be the preparation and delivery of a 10min mini lesson. As someone who has no experience of teaching, but is hoping to start the journey, I'd be grateful for any hints and tips, particularly on lesson plans & what they would like to see as evidence of my preparation.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi,

    I have an interview next week for a lecturing post in a local college. Part if the interview will be the preparation and delivery of a 10min mini lesson. As someone who has no experience of teaching, but is hoping to start the journey, I'd be grateful for any hints and tips, particularly on lesson plans & what they would like to see as evidence of my preparation.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Take a read through the forums - there is much advice all over.

    If you are working with 16-19 year olds do not expect to be dealing with high ability and well motivated learners all the time. This is quite often not the case. The issues teachers deal with with pre 16's are still big issues in FE - motivation, students with very different abilities (many who will really struggle at post-16 level)etc.

    *engaging learners, making it fun, differentiation are the key elements - have your own thoughts on these. If you have no teaching experience then let your enthusiasm shine through!

    Issues to think about:
    *Engaging students - short sharp activities
    *Do the learners know the learning objectives (what they should know by the end of the session)
    *the activities need to be learner-focussed rather than teacher-focussed. Do something interactive - card sorts etc
    *make your instructions very clear - eg colour coding - "match the definitions (on red card) to the keywords (on blue card). There is only one correct solution, you have 8 minutes starting now"
    *how will you check learning after the actitivity?
    *An example of a basic lesson planning proforma http://www.teachingpersonnel.com/teacherLessonPlan.pdf
    *how will you develop the task to make it suitable for students with a range of abilities - differentiation
  4. Thanks very much biology sparkly,

    My mind is a blizzard of ideas for how I'd like to enthuse, captivate and engage. I was one of those 16-19 year olds scallywags some years ago & really want to try and give a little back and try to help them discover what I did.

    Perhaps my naivety is getting the better of me. :)

    I?m grateful to you for spending the time to reply with such a helpful post.

    If you're so ****** off with your job why don't you get off your backside, pick up a newspaper and get another job? There's plenty about - half of Europe is coming over to work here.

    You really are a miserable sod. It must be a great pleasure to be taught by you.
  6. Go for it, Slightlymad...
    I'm just finishing the hardest year of my mature life - in PGCE at an inner city FE placement. But, for all the stress-and it IS shocking at first to discover just how low-level some of these youngsters are-nothing compensates for the feeling that you've done your very best for them. And yes, they will tell you this and yes, I'd do it all again...
    It's just the staffroom politics, the bureacracy etc that gets us down-but ain't that the same in every job?
    The very best of luck at the interview-what's your subject, by the way?
    Let us know how you get on, won't you?
  7. Hello slightlymad, good luck with the interview next week. I am fairly new to teaching and my enthusiasm and probably my naivety carried me through at first. Try to get yourself onto a FE teaching course asap, such as City and Guilds 7407, stage 1 is I believe 18 weeks, stage 2 is 34 weeks. I went straight into stage 2 and will continue on to Cert Ed in Sept. I found this course to be very useful as it helps you to focus and apply all those great ideas that are flying around all over the place at the moment! Biology has given you some really good advice. Think about differentiation- eg using a variety of teaching methods and resources in order to meet a range of needs or difficulties, such as dyslexia.Show that you are able to check learning at the end of the lesson, this could be verbal or written re-cap of key words or issues.Keep your mini lesson simple, as anything too ambitious or complicated may just cause you stress and you want to appear confident not frazzled! AND just ignore advice from ****** off cynics as that's the last thing you need. What day is your interview?
    what subject are you hoping to teach?
  8. The post is for Lecturer in Electrical Installation. I must admit seeing Paul FE's response made a chill run down my spine, but I really want to offer something back to the no-hopers & more advanced alike. However I really need to hear both sides of the tale.

    I managed to attain ****** all GCSE's of any worth and was effectively consigned for eternity to the manual labour bin. Lucky for me I managed to qualify as an electrician, go on to own my business & gain a decent degree in Electrical & Electronic Eng.

    My point is that even if you're not given the chance to shine you'll forever be in the dark, just because that's where you and everyone else presume you should be.

    I really hope that I manage to pull this off as I would dearly love to see a chink of light in someone and help them kick down the door.

    Thanks for the replies :)
  9. slightlymad, just make sure during interview that you clearly state a willingness to embark on any teaching and training course that may be required of you as part of your continual professional development (CPD). You could go straight into a Cert Ed or a PGCE (part time) as you already have a degree, and being in that position myself, I was unsure which route to take initially. I decided to take things gradually and embarked on 7407 Stage 2. It gives you a good grounding when you are new to teaching and as I mentioned earlier, helps you to focus your teaching methods and practices. It is also more than enough study when you are only just cutting your teeth as a tutor. Initially I found that schemes of work, lesson plans, assessing, filing etc took me twice as long as experienced tutors and there are only so many hours in a day!
    At first I spent loads of my own time on prep and planning and yes it can be very tiring and stressful,
    but I don't regret a minute of it and hope that I always feel that way. I was also a little ****** at school and now I teach little *******! - well not so little actually, I teach post 16. Occasionally there may be the odd one that you might like to throttle, but on the whole they are ok, and when you see that chink of light you get a great buzz from it.
  10. finfin

    finfin New commenter

    Good Luck with your interview.

    There are good and bad sides to every job. I moved into FE after 6 years as a retail manager in East London. Its the best thing I ever did.
  11. Would add to biology's post that you should start off with the learning objective (what they should be able to do by the end of the lesson). Once you have got that in place you can put together the process by which you will teach them how to do whatever it is! Top tip: they like to see a group activity leading to paired/individual activity, so, for example, if you were teaching them how to change a plug your learning objective would be "the students will be able to remove a faulty plug" and "the students will be able to fit a new plug" (you could add one along the lines of "the students will be able to identify the earth wire" or some such). Then you could start off with a boardstorm on what they know already (put a basic "plug" shape up there and draw the bits on as they shout them out - even if they're wrong - you can correct them at the end!)including what tools they will need and list the processes for removal and fitting a new one. Then you could put them in small groups to remove a faulty plug, followed by a paired activity fitting a new one! A bit of wandering round giving advice and monitoring - revisiting stuff on the board if they have problems etc and there you go. Not sure you would get all that in in ten minutes but you see the kind of thing!

  12. So......have you had your interview yet? If so, how did it go?
  13. Well..., the thing is..., it went Ok..., not bad..., I GOT IT!!!

    Blooming' heck, thanks v. much for the advice. Funniest thing about interview was when asked about differentiation I thought; ?didn?t see that one coming, trying to see what I?m like under a bit of pressure, throwing in a tricky one to see how I respond, oh well here goes?.

    I then start twittering on about Calculus and how I?d mirror my maths Lecturer?s style?, it got a laugh anyway.

    I feel sorry for the others who went for it, but can?t help feeling elated and a tiny bit scared.

    I took onboard everyone?s advice; I can honestly say it helped a tremendous amount. I also just tried to be myself.

    Thanks for the help.
  14. Well done!
  15. Brilliant news, congratulations!
  16. finfin

    finfin New commenter


  17. Congrats!!! So, what's your new College like?
  18. Just like yours MrOptimistic, we work at the same one :)
  19. hi, just wanted to ask anyone out there about a 10min mini micro-teaching lesson at an interview. If you have only 10min how much can you get in there, and what specifically are they looking for in 10min. I'm abit confused...can anyone help? all sugestions appreciated, thanx.
  20. When I had to do a teaching session at interview, I was given a topic - 'the simple and compound sentence' at Entry 2 (Basic Skills).
    I made the session quite kinaesthetic and made sure that all of the learners were involved. I got the job!

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