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FE - how to get into it

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Ska83gbr, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. To get into FE you need either QTS or QTLS.
    QTS is awarded by certain teacher training courses (PGCE, GTP etc) whilst QTLS is "awarded by" the IfL once you have gathered enough evidence of Continuous Professional Development in your workplace (read up on the current IfL/QTLS furore).
    I'm certain that your current qualification won't be of any use, other than to prove previous classroom experience, educational experience and something to play on at course interview. If I'm wrong I stand prepared to be corrected? Primary is quite literally a world away from secondary/FE.
    Have a look at your local FE college; they should run on-the-job teacher training courses known as PTTLLS/DTTLLS. Failing that, a PGCE/GTP course would also get you into FE a lot, lot quicker if you meet the pre-requisites. You will also earn Qualified Teacher Status via this route, which is lifelong and on par with QTLS.
    I hope this helps?
  2. Actually you don't need any teaching qualifications to get into FE. You just need the offer of a job. It is quite normal for colleges to recruit vocational lecturers without any teaching qualifications and for such colleagues to gain their DTLLS and QTLS on the job. Hardly anyone in my staffroom had a teaching qualification before beginning to teach.
    The situation might be quite different for those wishing to teach academic subjects.
  3. Aye indeed! The DTLLS is just a route to QTLS. The college won't employ someone without QTLS unless they enrol on a teaching course leading to qualification.
  4. WBS


    The way things are at the moment, if you have a vocational qualification you are in

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