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Favourite enhanced continuous provision ideas...

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by giggles_88, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Just wondering what enhanced continuous provision ideas have worked well in your classroom? What have the children enjoyed and learned from the most?
  2. It's quite a basic one but when we turned our role play into a pizza delivery the children were really into it... I had got some (clean!) empty pizza boxes donated by the kind man at dominoes, used a variety of menus including ones I had made that the children could read easily as well as the real menus which they tried really hard with and a real telephone for them to talk into. They all took turns role playing coming over to each others house and passing the phone around to make their order and they ended up independently setting up their own pizza hut where the pizzas were made and delivered. There was some great interaction between children over the phone, they were recognising numerals on the large telephone keypad (they read the phone number out to one another to say what the number was) and they were making lists of all the orders so thet could remember everything. Loads of girls and boys in the role play... This was last terms nd they still ask for it so I still keep repeating bits... Have just made a Chinese take away for Chinese new year- similar. Lots of fun!
  3. Play dough cake and biscuit making - add paper cake cases, candles, glitter, stars, cookie cutters, rolling pins and baking trays to your dough and plasticine. The kids couldnt get enough of this

    Also builders role play - tools, hard hats, big polystyrene block and big box of golf tees. The boys in particular loved this - lots of fine motor skill practice
  4. I like how the takeaway idea encourages the children to use the phone properly and for a real purpose, my class chat away on the phone but I havn't seen them look carefully at a numer to dial so I will have to model that for them.
    I love the goft tee idea!! I always throw away polystyrene in packaging, I can't believe I just took a load to the tip last weekend! I'll have to look out for some more!
    Thanks [​IMG]

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