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Fat women with tattoos

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by percy topliss, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. percy topliss

    percy topliss Occasional commenter

    Thank God I have now left the UK after my annual sojourn and have 10 months and 2 weeks before I have, once again, to look at them. Anything else you won't miss?

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  2. percy topliss

    percy topliss Occasional commenter

    Thank God I have now left the UK after my annual sojourn and have 10 months and 2 weeks before I have, once again, to look at them. Anything else you won't miss?

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  3. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter


  4. stopwatch

    stopwatch Established commenter

    I hate 'em I do
  5. I am liking the fact that pasties (Cornish or otherwise) have made a resurgence in the south of the UK.
  6. afterdark

    afterdark Occasional commenter

    Tax,on nearly everything, paying far too much for fuel
    terrible service from people who are, at times, rude

  7. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Established commenter

    Conversely, I arrived in foreign parts (England) last Thursday for a short visit to family and friends and am enjoying it immensely. A superb lunch and great ale at the Prince George in Brighton on Friday and another yesterday at the Dorset Arms in Withyam. Prompt, smiling service in both places. I have an operatic career planned for my newest granddaughter (eleven weeks old, so no tattoos or leggings in evidence yet) and she already responds smilingly to my attempts to teach her to sing 'Vissi d'Arte'. Two weeks will be enough of the foggy rock, though not of my granndaughter, but the good news is that her parents are planning to join us on the Continong if, of course, there's any of it left after the latest round of financial panic.
  8. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    My ladies enjoyed ten days in the fairest isle, but my own brief excursion was teutonic, bucolic and operatic. Not sure when I'll next alight at Temple Meads, and confess to a pang of regret that it has been impossible this summer.
    With the Teenage Princess about to leave for France on the first leg of a language-boosting exchange, Mrs D. and I are planning a second honeymoon with the beautiful city in which we are fortunate enough to reside - visiting museums, galleries, churches, shopping centres, sleazy bars and greasy restaurants as if it were the first time.
    Now, gentlemen, and Perce in particular, is there not a hint of mysogyny and class warfare in all this scoffing at fat tattoed women and 'chavs'?
    Obesity and self-mutilation are every bit as repulsive among the trouser-wearing dick-swinging fraternity as among females - or do we blokes enjoy rights to be revolting which are denied to the stronger sex?
    Don't think I've ever met a 'chav', and might not necessarily recognise one if I did - but I take it the word refers to people lacking one's own advantages in terms of education, culture and buy-to-rent property? And that these shortcomings make them valid targets for supercilious ribaldry concerning accents, clothing, diet, lifestyle and so on?
    Are we not, international educators all, supposed to regard 'the alien other' with kindly, humble and tolerant interest, the more so when that 'other' lacks our own material good fortune? And if such enlightened noblesse is required of us in Bangkok, should we abandon it in Basingstoke?
  9. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Established commenter

    But does Basingstoke really need our e'd noblesse?
  10. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Established commenter

    ...Mad Magaret (I once played Sir Despard, her inamorato in Ruddigore) found 'Basingstoke' a 'word that teems with hidden meaning' which might recall her to her saner self. Hardy, the Beatles, Douglas Adams and the Libertines all conjured with it. Rodney Trotter was expelled from its art college. It's fourteenth Bishop is a character in the Jekyll and Hyde musical and Robyn Hitchcock apparently equated it with nirvana.
    I often dream of trains when I'm alone
    I ride on them into another zone
    I dream of them constantly
    Heading for paradise
    Or Basingstoke
    Or Reading
    What price yer Bangkok now?

  11. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    Not from this quarter. I detest leggings in all their infamy, whether worn by rotund or anorexic ladies, or by joggers going for early morning runs with their "meat and two veg" jollying along or in their multi-coloured garish incarnations as worn by the "lycra brigade" pretending they are members of the break away peloton on the Tour de Bognor Regis ( more often than not male ).
    Unfortunately the lycra brigade reign relatively supreme here in Switzerland, so there is no getting away from them and leggings do appear to be making an inroad into matters sartorial.
    Come the revolution...

  12. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Oh, well, Basildon, then?
    Moving up a notch, during the July 27th performance of Tristan und Isolde, at the Munich State Opera, the very stage on which the bewitching masterpiece, 'voluptuousness of hell' as boy Nietzsche put it, was first performed, I sat with a group of Brits who had bought their tickets from the same website.
    We formed a tiny shabby-genteel island in the sea of stupendously glossily wealthy Bavarians, 'alien others' indeed, by Jove.
    Anyway, wha'ever, like, my immediate neighbours were a couple of retired teachers from Wigan. I wasted no time in hectoring them, "fook this RW roobish, 'ave yer not read AWC?".
    Blame Amazon, blame the crisis if you will, call them chavs if you must, but these two had not heard of it. I put them in the picture enthusiastically over a €50 bottle of sekt in the first interval. Expect your sales to go exponential, Cap'n.
  13. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    One would have to conclude the OP is neither
    a) fat,
    b) a woman, nor
    c) has a tattoo.
    One must add that living in the UK, with such shockingly cold and wet weather and with such a range of 'goodies' on offer at the local supermarket, does not support a slimline physique as easily as some alternative locations abroad. Nonetheless it is good to know the OP is in such tip top shape to feel confident to consider such women beneath him.
  14. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Another term I will need to research in that neverending quest to become a 'lifelong learner'.
    Lycra I do understand, and deplore.
    Here in Ruritania's beach season, the ill-advised older or weightier sand-fleas of both genders and all nations parade in swimwear that translates from the local language into 'dental floss'.
    No wonder I am sitting in a darkened room at the laptop.
  15. percy topliss

    percy topliss Occasional commenter

    Correct frog. Very astute of you. Mind you I also laughed at the thread earlier this year by the young lady who was worried about being in trouble in the Middle East as she had a tattoo. Didn't really care about her weight but just the fact that she had jumped on a bandwagon without thinking of the consequences, a little like eating that third pie.

  16. cityfree

    cityfree New commenter

    All my tattoos are in places that can be covered up in school. I'm not fat and I don't own leggings. Do I pass your test?
  17. Well, Perce - a ride on a big painted whale - is that your flavour of cookie?
  18. percy topliss

    percy topliss Occasional commenter

    Err afraid not FP however if the Frog fancies publishing a photo I have a few friends who might.
  19. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I LOVE them [​IMG]
  20. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Established commenter

    Much appreciated. I had a letter from my publisher only the other day speaking seductively of royalties but your recommendation will no doubt ensure that I spend my golden years blazing in the lustre of unaccustomed pocket money.

    I wonder if your Wiggin neighbours were aficionados of the great Dame Eva Turner who is buried at Standish just outside the Ancient and Loyal Borough. She was also a Wagnerian but many, including Puccini himself, thought of her as 'the definitive Turandot'. Her In Questa Reggia (available on Youtube) still drips ice crystals down the back of my neck.

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