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Fast let down

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by clematis, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Just quickly- how can I slow it down?! Since very early days my now seven week old has choked on the fast let down, sometimes coping with it but other times coming off, crying and getting sprayed in the face!! Not great when out and about! I hope someone can offer some expert advice! Thanks xx
  2. Hi Clematis, have you checked on Kellymom? I know there is something on there about fast let down as I had the opposite problem and found advice there for that. Congrats by the way x x
  3. Hi, i'm certainly no expert but do remember having this myself in the early days. It will settle down on its own and you can't really do anything to slow it down as such but you can try to 'ease' the flow by feeding your LO in certain positions. You need to let gravity help you out so try feeding leant back a bit to slow things down. Also try to get baby in a position whereby they are feeding 'uphill' so in whichever hold you favour but with his head higher than his body. Like Heather says the Kellymom site has some fab tips for this issue. Ah happy days breastfeeding :)
  4. Second the vote for leaning back while feeding. You can also try expressing a wee bit off so it's not quite a gush of milk to start off.
  5. Kellymom is fab- thanks!

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