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fashion & clothing btec

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by judomum, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. I've just finished looking at the new spec for the btec fashion & clothing level 2 course. Yippee no compulsory art/drawing modules this time. I'm much more into the garment construction side of things so think this will suit me well. I was put off before by the amount of drawing involved. My dept head is very keen to introduce more btecs, the students will definitely prefer the course to an exam based subject so I'm getting positive feedback.
    Is anyone else in the same position, would anyone like to "virtually" get together to discuss this? I have no experience of btec and I'm not sure where to start. There doesn't seem to be any cpd courses as there are with other exam boards. But, I was a textile technologist in industry so can support in this area and always happy to share what I do.

  2. LOL not sure what happened to my post [​IMG]
  3. I have just got a green light to go ahead and investigate this BTEC for Sep 2011. However my Dep Head said it would be worth trying to find out how long BTEC's will be around for as the new Govt. may be changing vocational quals and it would be fruitless to go ahead and change only to have to change after a year to whatever will be the next new thing.

  4. The Dept for Education web site says there will be an independent review of vocational education and also that they think it has been undervalued. Don't want to read anything into this but it doesnt sound like they will be getting rid of vocational qualifications all together. Not sure what to say other than the only thing we can be certain of is that everything changes eventually!
    If you do decide to go ahead let me know what you think of the modules, I'm looking at Production Techniques for Fashion, Working with Fashion Design Briefs and Working with Accessory Briefs.
    I think these have the most hands on making content whilst still having an element of design work. Although I think I would be tempted to do the accessory brief first. The big question for me is training, is there any available? would really like to see some exemplar work.

  5. Hi
    Like you I worked in industry but in manufacturing and training. Department told this week as of September we will be running BTEC courses with the Art department. I don't mind linking up with you to share ideas. Which exam board are you using?

  6. We've just started the Fashion & Clothing BTEC instead of A Level Textiles. Our students are loving the creativity, especially as most of our students are very creative yet very weak at written/theory so the vocational aspect of this course is ideal for them. The course also provides them with a great portfolio for Universities/Colleges. Am with Edexcel exam board - they have courses you can attend to find out more about this course this Nov/Dec. We also got an Edexcel spokesperson in to meet us in our school although she wasn't a Fashion/Clothing Specialist but would be able to give you some insight into the course. Very little resources available though - although one of our teachers will be attending their meeting so hope to have more from that. It is under the Art & Design umbrella and our Art Dept didn't mind us doing this course at all - we run it in DT Dept as it focuses on garment construction, etc. Best of luck!
  7. Will be starting Edexcel Level 2 Btec next Sept.
    Dept Head keen for level3 also; so glad to hear your students are enjoying it. I think i will try and get onto the course at edexcel as well. Do you construct your own patterns at level 3 or can you use commercial ones? Not sure my drafting skills would be up to anything too complicated.
    Interested to know if you need any commercial equipment at level 3 or whether domestic sewing machines are ok?
    You say that you are under the Art & Design umbrella - is this because of structutre of faculty at your school? Or do you mean you are teaching textiles modules of Art & Design Btec?

  8. HI - its Edexcel for Btec. Would be great to link up.
  9. We're D.T. but Fashion & Clothing is under Art & Design - no courses similar in any of the DT areas for BTEC.
  10. Look under "Btec Specialist Qualifications" it isn't the same as Art & Design, near the bottom of the Qualifications home page.
  11. we started delivering this to y10 in sept our students are loving it but we threw them in at the deep end with the first ever project which was designing and making the costumes for our school production in december! i did it to start the course with a bang and it worked but we couldnt cover all of unit 6 due to time constraints. would love to pool ideas with others delivering in schools and want to eventually progress to level 3 in 6th form so can we share for this as well folks?!
  12. hello - a bit late on this thread but does anyone have any resources on this BTEC Fashion and Clothing course I can't seem to find any!


  13. There is a new generation of BTECs which have been approved by Ofqual so they re-establish equivalence to GCSEs. I would check very carefully to see how long this particular BTEC is scheduled to run and what it actually equates to.
  14. Yeah, that is cool, but looking back to the aspects of many fashion and modeling industry that involves products endorsement such as this, they are so meticulous when it comes to products assessment in general. Since fashion world also works with the fields like clothing, arts, designing etc,, it is always good that you consider everything that would help their field as well. Imagine there are many modeling agency that all works with fashion industry as well as other products that we now known.

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