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Farm topic

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by alle13, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has any good ideas for the topic of the farm! We are doing the ugly duckling story and taking a trip to a farm, but am really uninspired. Please, any help is much appreciated.
  2. I watched a video today on teachers tv and the children had an outdoor farm role-play. They had a farm food shop, lots of milk cartons, bottles, crates etc. They filled their water tray with white water not sure how they did this to represent milk. They had the big old milk churns too. They had plastic gloves with holes in the fingers to mimic the milking of a cow. Another activity was putting eggs into boxes-they used real eggs (you could hard boil them first or just leave them to see how careful the children could be at packing the eggs). I also thought that you could get the children to build nests for the eggs using mud and twigs. They had lots of teddy animals and animal masks. You could have a hose pipe and shovels to muck out the animals. You could have a bee hive with pretend bees in and get the children to put honey into jars (or make a sticky gooey mixture and watch them tackle getting it in). Get hay and straw too. Ask around to see if any one has a tractor too.

    Other ideas include- using wool or possibly even making wool.
    Looking at farm animals and their babies
    Matching meat with the correct animals.
    Talk about caring for animals starting with their pets.
    Little books- a day in the life of a farmer.
    If you have 2simple city on the computer, there is a farm video and the children can design their own farms.

    If all else fails, after the trip to the farm ask the children about what they want to find out and do.

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