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FAO Tafkam or Theo please! Parents evenings and days off?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by minxyfish, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I've not been on here for ages, so I hope Tafkam and Theogrif are still the ones in the know?! If not, I would really appreciate anyone clarifying the following please.
    I now work 3 days a week. There are two parents' evenings coming up, both of which fall on my day off.
    Do I have to attend? Or could I arrange to phone/email parents in my frees or after lessons one other evening?
    I thought you could be asked to attend things like this if they fall on your day off (for payment, TOIL or brownie points), but that you didn't have to attend. But now I'm doubting myself and wondering if this only stands for open eves and meetings, and that we are contracted to attend parents eves even if they fall on a day off.
    Does anyone know? I'm more than willing to speak to parents about their child's progress, and fully understand that it is a part of the job. I'm not trying to shirk my responsibilities as a teacher, but I'll have a problem with childcare if I'm made to attend both these evenings, so I'd rather get it sorted now rather than later.
    Thank you,

  2. p.s. I've just emailed my union rep and she says that we have to attend as it is part of our teacher contract. I'm guessing she should know, right?!
  3. Nope. I think your rep is wrong. The rules for P/T staff are clear. You cannot be instructed to attend work on days you do not normally teach. If you are asked and you agree, then you must be compensated for attending, pay or toil.
  4. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    If you are in a maintained school then your rep is wrong and blackdog99 is completely correct.
    The relevant statement is paragraph 200 of the guidance in the STPCD document for 2011.
  5. coppull

    coppull New commenter

    Completely agree with Black Dog.
    Your school rep should download STPCD(School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document) for 2011 from the Department of Education web site.
    Ask him or her to look at paragraphs 62.7 and 62.8[​IMG]
    If you decide attend and receive payment,please also claim your transport expenses if that is allowed at your school.
  6. Hi all, and thank you for your replies. Now I think the problem here is that we are a 6th form college, so I'm guessing we are not bound by the same t&c as schools? How would I find that out?
    The rep's latest reply from earlier said that p/ters should attend a pro-rata amount of evenings, lumping open eves and parents eves together. So, for working 3 days a week, I should attend 3 late eves a year: 2 parents eves plus one open eve. I've just got in from one open eve (there was another a few weeks ago but on my day off, so I didn't attend), and there are the two parents eves coming up that are both on my days off. So when we have more parents eves later on in the year, and a further open eve in June, I am not obliged to attend?
    It's all rather confusing!
  7. coppull

    coppull New commenter

    Thank you for updating us.
    The publication you need is
    Staff in 6th Form Colleges Teaching Staff Conditions of Service Handbook.
    The link could be on www.sfcf.org.uk or try the main web sites of ATL,NUT or NASUWT to search for this publication.
  8. Thanks Coppull.
    I have just found this from the Handbook you mentioned above:
    'Part time teachers may be required to attend college to undertake non-teaching duties such as attending meetings, in-service training, recruitment days or parental consultation meetings on days when they normally teach. Principals should, however, bear in mind the general requirement for "reasonable directions", for example when considering whether teachers who only work the morning session are asked to undertake non-teaching duties after the end of the afternoon session.
    Any attendance by part time teachers on days when they do not normally teach should be by mutual agreement. In such cases, they may either be remunerated separately via Para 18 of the national agreement - payment for additional working days (either by use of the daily rate or, for part days, an hourly rate of 1/1265 in place of the daily rate of 1/195, or by time off in lieu) or this may form part of their directed time. Part time teachers should be offered the opportunity to attend all in-service training days in order to comply with the legal requirement to permit part time employees access to the same training opportunities as full time employees.'
    Should I copy and paste this to my union rep? I feel like I'm being a pain as I'm always asking about part time t&c, but I don't want my colleagues or myself to be told the wrong thing.
    Thanks for your help,
  9. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    yes, definitely copy and paste it to union rep.
    Also perhaps speak to your line manager so they are aware you will not be attending those evenings. Or, if you are willing, mutually agree that you will come and be paid. But that would be YOUR decision to make, as (as the regulations clearly say) you cannot be made to attend.
  10. coppull

    coppull New commenter

    Yes,please pass on the information to your rep. You may also need to pass it on to your Head of Department. They also may not know of the contractual arrangements for part timers.[​IMG]
  11. Great stuff, yes I think I'll speak to the course leader too. No-one seems to know what they're talking about, even though it very clearly states it in that handbook!
    I remember when I first started there I was part-time too, yet I came in to do supply for a different department one day. I think I covered periods 1,3 and 6 and was all ready to go home, when my course leader said I had to attend the whole staff briefing after period 7. I tried to explain that it wasn't one of my contracted days and that I wasn't being paid beyond period 6, but she said I was a member of staff on the premises on briefing day, so I was expected to attend.
    That was the start of my using this forum to check everything out, and there's been no stopping me since! I'm always surprised how people who should know the score often have no idea.
    Thanks, everyone :)
  12. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    I've ceased to be surprised but I still find it depressing. By the way, you might be interested to know that there seem to be many teachers (and even more parents) who think p/t teachers:
    • are unprofessional if they work within the Teachers' Pay and Conditions document
    • ought to attend every parents' evening on their days off, without pay to give a full picture of each child's progress even if they have a jobshare partner or if it costs them in childcare.
    Check out Mumsnet if you find that hard to believe. [​IMG]
  13. Hi ILS, no I'm not surprised at all by that. Being made to feel unproffesional is the problem isn't it? I already feel like I'm being a bit of a stirrer by checking things like this out, yet it is very plainly what p/ters are entitled to, and it's not right if I, or others, are working the wrong hours and being dragged in on our days off, when we shouldn't be. Yet I'm not looking forward to informing my head and union rep of how they've got it wrong :-(
    Our next open eve is in June, and happens to fall on a day when 2 out of the 6 in our department don't work. I know for a fact that it won't go down well at all if neither of us agree to come in, but I won't be letting that pressure me!
  14. *unprofessional*
  15. Sorry, I'm back again.
    I checked that my college is bound by the red book (it is), then copied the info above to my union rep regarding attendance being by mutual agreement.
    I've just got her reply:

    This is the point where I start to feel really awkward about asking and just go 'ok then, I'll come in'!

    <font face="Calibri" size="3"> </font>
  16. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    I would contact your union at regional level.
  17. I used to work part-time and know the feeling! People seem to imply that you are somehow shirking your duties by not being there. Even well-meaning colleagues would often comment jokingly as I left at lunch-time - "so you're off then; it's allright for some!" Although I knew they were joking, I felt like saying: "so you're paid twice as much as me - it's allright for some!"
    And no question about it - as a part-timer you do more than your fair share.
  18. Her latest email this afternoon says this:
    'I have spoken to many part time staff in my department and they all come in for
    parents' evening, even on their day off.
    I would ask for a chat with the principal
    about this, as this is part of the 1265 hours that we do over the academic year.
    As I have
    previously said pro rata is determined between parents' evenings
    and open evenings. I will ask for guidance from the regional rep
    too so that
    he can give you some feedback. I have copied him in to this email so that he
    read the feed right
    from your first enquiry'

    I'm a bit surprised as, to be honest, I really thought she'd see that the document clearly says we don't have to attend. But it looks like she's adament that we do!
    Do I dare take it to the principal? I know that she'll say we have to attend...
  19. Any more advice, folks? I'm a bit worried about taking this further to the principal in case it ends up that I'm wrong and I'll look stupid. Are parents' evenings part of directed time as she's saying?
  20. SBW2009

    SBW2009 New commenter

    I have no idea about this - but what if you had another job on the days you don't work or had child care issues? I work 4 evenings a week on top of school and i informed them of this when i was appointed to the other job and said that i can swap but with 2 weeks notice (i work thursday, fri, sat and sun) but all of our parents evenings / open evenings are tuesdays so should never hit me.
    Hope things are working out

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