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FAO: Primary Heads

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by pibydd, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. pibydd

    pibydd New commenter

    Post this in the jobseekers forum, if you haven't already.
    Why can't you get feedback? If the answer is that it was just down to numbers (ie a brush off) then I suggest you try a technique that I found worked well in business:-
    Make friends with the person who answers the phone, get them on your side. Ring up and ask if you can make an appointment to phone to speak to head about your application - don't expect instant response. If they put you off explain that it's important and why it's important. You can offer to take feedback from them if tha's more convenient. If youw ant to be a teacher you will need people skills - use them. Always explain who you are, why you are calling, be nice to them. (Actually this is true whatever you phone up about - I get so mad at the way people speak to support staff.)
  2. I posted a similar thing on the jobseekers forum. Theo said I was doing the right thing and to keep doing what I'm doing.
    On many of the adverts, there is a note at the bottom saying that the school is unable to provide feedback to individuals. I have received two letters from schools saying that they were impressed with my application and maybe next time. Although this was reassuring, I would have liked to know what would have given me the edge... Many of the schools are having over 300 applications, which isn't helping.
  3. I am happy to take a look at your supporting statement if you would like to e-mail it to me?
  4. I agree with what you are saying, as all my statements are different. However, I think it is helpful to have someone look over any statement just for pointers - if I have included too much detail or not enough for example, it would be useful to know and this is something that is impossible to find out without having someone else read it.
    You may be right with your other point where there is nothing wrong with my application - but if that is the case then why can't I even get an interview? At least if I could get that far then I would know I was on the right lines. There definitely is far too many people for too few jobs!
  5. Thanks for the advice. This is definitely a difficult time for finding work. I have tried to fill my gap with supply work, but this is extremely limited in my county. I have also approached a number of schools to do volunteering to give my some continuity of experience alongside supply, but none of them were interested - possibly because many NQTs in my position are also trying to gain volunteering experience perhaps? I would be really interested in shadowing a subject leader, but how would you go about this in a primary school?
  6. youve not commented on the excellent advice about looking for work in tougher schools, those in more challenging areas will have less applicants also excellent places to find voluntary work. Think youd need to establish yourself as a regular volunteer to get any change of shadowing anyone


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